A New Approach to Strategic Thinking Training

A strategic thinker is a person who anticipates, prepares, and puts him/herself or the organization in the position to exploit future opportunities or avoid future threats. To effectively engage in strategic thinking, one must cultivate a broad perspective; he or she must have the vision and an intrinsic awareness of emerging trends and recent developments that are changing in the world around them.

CMOE’s Strategic Thinking Workshop and learning programs help people and organizations find the balance between today’s expectations and tomorrow’s opportunities.  Effective strategic thinking training focuses on teaching participants to be more observant and adaptable in their individual area of responsibility. People will be able to pinpoint specific initiatives they can lead to add distinctive value and a competitive advantage.

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What Is Strategic Thinking In The Workplace?

Many organizations have the consistent, problematic tendency to unwittingly sacrifice long-term plans in order to get immediate results.

Strategic planning (and the ability to think in a strategic manner) is often expected only from executives and senior managers, and only in relation to setting annual budgets for tactical operations.

However, today’s business environment requires that every member of the organization not only add tactical value but be strategically relevant in order for the organization to create economic value. Each person must develop his or her own strategic thinking and be willing to take his/her performance to the next level.


The Advantages of Strategic Mindset Training

Enrolling everyone in the organization in a strategic thinking training module will help the organization in a number of ways:

  • Individuals become more forward-thinking in their everyday roles.
  • Business units achieve more traction and support for the business’ overarching strategies.
  • Individuals have increased flexibility and can anticipate ways to add creative and distinctive value to the organization.
  • Individuals discover new sources of motivation and excitement in their work.

Rather than focusing directly on the organization’s overall strategy, our applied strategic thinking training focuses on the ability of individuals and teams to contribute and add distinctive value to the corporate strategy. Our research-based methodology applies a framework or “road map” to help participants think ahead, add value, and be effective at acting in entrepreneurial and innovative ways. Once a participant develops these hands-on skills and begins to use them on a daily basis, he or she will find that thinking strategically has become second nature. Participants begin to strategize instinctively; they see subtle patterns more often, weigh consequences more quickly, and make innovative decisions with more confidence. Our program is designed to sustain these skills long-term which will produce positive, bottom-line results.

Strategic Thinking Skills In Your Organization  

Strategic-thinking skills are essential for all levels of the organization in today’s business world.

CMOE offers customized strategic thinking exercises and learning initiatives designed to support your company’s strategic vision and growth. Please contact us to learn how our first-class customer service, quality, and value will make your workshop or learning event a success.

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“Being strategic means you have a different focus than a lot of other people. It means that you have a unique presence of mind, and that you look at your job literally as a separate enterprise—something you have personal stock in; something to which you could assign a monetary value. When you catch this vision you approach your job in an entirely different way.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

“To have a strategic sense, not only do you need to look up and get your chin off your chest, you also need to look to the left, to the right, and behind you to see who or what is hot on your heels.”

~ Stephanie S. Mead, MBA

“When thinking about and planning for the future, it is easy to think about the things that could go wrong, but don’t forget to think about the things that could go right.”

~Ahead of the Curve: A Guide to Applied Strategic Thinking

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