Strategic Planning Steps

A strategic leader is someone who can proactively shape the future within his/her area of responsibility, deliver innovative, value-added solutions, capitalize on strategic opportunities, and find new ways to help the business grow.  Leaders of the future need to acquire this strategic insight and use foresight to create a compelling agenda and set of priorities for their team.

About Strategic Planning

CMOE’s Strategic Planning and Leadership workshops introduce participants to strategic planning steps that will help approach the future better than the competition and operate in entirely new ways.   The strategic planning training can be delivered to a variety of audience groups including Senior Leaders, Managers of Managers, First Line Leaders, and Individual Contributors because the learning experiences we provide are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Objectives & Outcomes

The Strategic Planning Steps introduced in our learning experiences help participants perfect the skills they need to:

  1. Discover completely new solutions to challenges and issues facing the business.
  2. Identify new capabilities that need to be addressed.
  3. Innovate the “next” practices.
  4. Encourage experimentation and smart risk-taking.
  5. Deal with ambiguity, complexity, and volatility with customers, competitors, alliances, regulations, technology, etc.
  6. Identify critical success factors that are required for successful strategy implementation.
  7. Discover unique ways to contribute to the business’ overarching strategy.
  8. Develop comprehensive and specific courses of action for implementing strategic plans for the organization and their “business within the business”.

Not only will participants explore the need for a strategy and a strategic plan, they also have an opportunity to identify their natural strategic strengths and areas that need to be further developed.  This is accomplished through our strategy assessment and an intensive and engaging business simulation.  Using our research-based tools and resources during the program, participants begin setting strategic direction and plans that will prepare them and their team to capitalize on future opportunities and to effectively navigate through issues and challenges.

CMOE is recognized around the world for our strategy, teamwork, and coaching programs in addition to our 35-year history providing customized performance development and learning solutions.  We conduct research to ensure that the skills and concepts are current and relevant to the workplace situation.  Our goal with each project is to ensure effective and efficient change occurs as a result of the training investment.  Our Strategy Courses that introduce the strategic planning steps range from half-day sessions to multi-day learning experiences delivered by our talented team of facilitators and consultants or through train-the-trainer certification.

“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.”

~ Charles F. Kettering

“Become aware of all the forces and variables that are shaping the future.”

~ Stephanie Mead

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