Strategic Planning Process

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, leaders at every level need broad perspective and a proven process for planning strategy for their area of responsibility. The future is full of opportunities for leaders who can think, plan, and act strategically. These leaders understand that they have an obligation to shape the future for their team and the organization.

CMOE has been a provider of performance-improvement training for leaders and team members for over 40 years, offering learning solutions on topics that include Strategic Planning, Applied Strategic Thinking®, and Strategic Leadership.

Our Strategic-Planning Process and related workshops prepare leaders to successfully capitalize on the forces and events that are shaping their world. These learning experiences help leaders at all levels of the business become the architect of a future that is aligned with the organization’s overarching strategy and supports its values, goals, and objectives.

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About the Workshop

The goal of CMOE’s Strategic-Planning Process and accompanying learning experiences is to equip participants to create strategic plans that will help them produce a unique competitive advantage for the organization, take advantage of opportunities that surface, and formulate solutions that help the business achieve long-term, sustained success.

The Strategic-Planning Process that is introduced in our workshops helps participants achieve the following goals:

  1. Develop a practical, working understanding of strategy and strategic planning and understand the organization’s overall direction and plans.
  2. Analyze tendencies in their own thinking and planning process and determine what they need to do to balance today’s expectations and contribute to the strategic transformation of the enterprise.
  3. Be more forward-thinking, anticipate future opportunities and threats, and shape the future rather than reacting to events that unfold.
  4. Complete a strategic analysis of their own functional team or work unit and create a clear strategic direction.
  5. Develop innovative actions based on their unique strengths and the capabilities of their team.
  6. Align the strategy for their functional team or area of responsibility with the overall values, strategy, and direction of the organization.
  7. Integrate timeless strategy principles and practices into their daily responsibilities.


CMOE’s Strategic Planning workshops and programs are highly interactive and experiential. We use models, assessments, simulations, tools, guides, and case studies to help participants master the principles and skills. We also help participants leverage their natural talents and improve their strategic-planning abilities so they can tackle current challenges and reimagine the future with confidence, energy, and deeper knowledge.

Our expert facilitators and consultants have a broad range of experience and are able to guide participants through a self-discovery process and facilitate the development of strategic plans that will deliver results. Whether it is a self-directed online course, an in-person learning experience, a live-virtual event, or a blended approach, CMOE’s learning solutions provide enduring value to our client organizations.

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“…In today’s complex world, collaboration is not a luxury but a necessity when formulating good strategy and effective policy.”

~ Leading Groups to Solutions

“If you are serious about strategic change and if you want to see your organization proactively shape the future, then create new experiences, have different conversations, and demonstrate strategy yourself. That is what a strategic leader does.”

~ Strategy is Everyone’s Job: A Guide to Strategic Leadership

“A perfect plan should not become the enemy of a good plan.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

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Delivery Options

In order to meet the specific needs of each client we partner with and make the most of the learning and development investment, CMOE offers programs in the following formats and lengths:

Instructor-led training (delivered onsite by a CMOE subject matter expert/facilitator)
Digital learning program (self-paced or live)
Blended and layered solution (combining instructor-led training and digital learning)
Train the trainer services (certifying internal trainers in CMOE's world-class programs)
Curriculum integration (deliver the topic in conjunction with another topic or event or build it into a development curriculum)
4-16 hours (8 hours preferred) for instructor-led variable for digital learning

Contact a CMOE Client Services Specialist to discuss a targeted solution that is right for your organization.