Strategic Management Training for Competitive Advantage

The future is full of opportunities; strategic thinkers are the people who will give these opportunities life and capitalize on them. In today’s fast changing business environment, leaders need broad perspective, vision, and an intrinsic awareness of the business trends and developments shaping their work.  Many leaders are too preoccupied with day-to-day tactics and think only in operational terms. CMOE’s strategic management training will help leaders stay competitive by preparing their team for future success.

Strategic Management is designed to help leaders obtain success by using two sets of skills: great management of day-to-day operations and a forward thinking perspective.  These skills will keep leaders abreast of future opportunities and obstacles in their industries. Participants in this workshop will gain the knowledge and understanding of various strategic tools and skill sets. Leaders can use this knowledge to successfully capitalize on the forces and events that are shaping their world, creating an environment that will help position them to achieve long-term, sustained growth.

strategic thinking

About the Workshop

Participants in this learning experience will

  • Clarify the meaning of strategy and the principles that go with it.
  • Develop the skills and learn the principles necessary to think at a strategic level.
  • Learn how to apply five practical strategic tools that bring distinctive value to the organization.
  • Balance current demands while considering future opportunities to create economic value.
  • Create and analyze practical examples that illustrate strategic thinking.
  • Use strategic-management and critical-thinking skills to gain a truly competitive advantage.
  • Understand how to align and link strategic initiatives to the organizations value chain, broad business issues, and organization strategy.


Learning Format

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Strategic Management Hierarchy
  • Strategic Management Process
  • Experiential Exercise: Based on Needs Analysis
  • Strategic Management Tools for Distinctive Value and Competitive Advantage
  • Application of Tools
  • Exercise and Simulation: Inroad to Riches™
  • Individual Feedback
  • Application and Sustainability Planning

Program Design

Our Strategic Management Training is based on research and our book “Ahead of the Curve” written by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Stephanie Mead, MBA. This learning event is available in four-hour, eight-hour, and two-day formats as well as part of customized formats or retreats. This learning event can be offered by CMOE’s talented and highly experienced facilitators at a location of your choice.  We also offer Train-the Trainers services where we provide the skills and knowledge for others to deliver.

“Leaders with strategic discipline demonstrate intent in everything that they do: they are driven by a clear sense of their mission, purpose, and strategy.”

~ Strategy is Everyone’s Job: A Guide to Strategic Leadership

“For some leaders the most challenging part of being a leader is not formulating a strategy; rather, it is finding the daily fortitude and stamina to persevere and see the strategy through without falling back into the short-term activity trap.”

~ Stephanie S. Mead, MBA

“Leaders must have the capacity and presence of mind to also work strategically—on the business—and to help others learn how to step back, gain a broad perspective, develop foresight, and transition back and forth between competing short- and long-term demands.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

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