Ahead of the Curve is different from most strategic management books. Nearly all the information we have found on strategy centers on grand strategy for corporations or nations. This book focuses entirely on you, the individual, as well as your immediate team.

In the last few decades, most organizations have made great strides in empowering employees. They have encouraged people to take initiative, to make a difference, to be more entrepreneurial, and to get closer to the customer. There is no doubt that more decision making have been pushed deeper within organizations, so that everyone is expected to be a manager.

However, with all of these improvements, organizations have done little to sharpen people’s ability to think and act like leaders, strategically within their own realm of responsibility. Strategic leaders lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s opportunities.  This is why we believe that practical and personal strategic thinking skills need to be developed. This strategic management book is dedicated to helping people not only learn how to think strategically, but also how to become a strategic force in their own work, career, team, or life—how to truly ignite change for the better.

A truly strategic person is someone with the courage and foresight to solve tomorrow’s problems today. He or she can anticipate and exploit tomorrow’s opportunities now. Let’s face it: tomorrow’s solutions won’t be discovered with today’s short-term tactical thinking. We believe people can and should live more strategically. Thus, our strategic management book explores how to think, plan, and act more strategically on the individual level and on the front lines of work.

Some people in senior positions might say, “We do not want strategic thinkers in our organization. We simply need ‘doers.’ Strategy formulation is something we do in the senior offices.” We don’t think that these executives need to worry, creating an army of good strategic thinkers will not make an organization weaker. On the contrary, a business full of individuals who think ahead of the curve will be stronger because it will head off problems before they surface and maximize future productivity.

We believe everyone needs to think about how they can adapt to a changing environment to add greater value. This transition will occur through bottom-up strategy. Rest assured, good strategic thinkers won’t turn the workforce into reckless rebels. In fact, strategic thinking at the working level requires a link to organization strategy (if one is in place) in order to optimize results and strategic value.

Ahead of the Curve is a strategic management book that carefully, but simply, explains each strategic thinking skill or element. In its pages you will find practical examples and learn how each of the strategic thinking competencies works. We also provide specific suggestions and activities for developing your personal strategic thinking skills. Like any good tool, each skill or step in the process has specific uses and the potential for misuse. To avoid misuse, you will be given cautions and pitfalls to keep in mind as you explore each of these strategic management skills.

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“In order for organizations to compete most effectively in the long run, they must have many supporting strategies that complement and fit with the comprehensive grand strategy of the business.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

“Being strategic means that you are agile and flexible when you encounter bumps in the road or when golden opportunities arrive.”

~ Ahead of the Curve: A Guide to Strategic Thinking

“Life’s real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up.”

~ Anonymous