Special project teams often require unique interventions, coaching, or learning solutions to meet specific (and sometimes complex) requirements. How many times have you observed the exceptional performance of special teams that made the difference between winning and losing? The same is true in a complex business world where organizations, both large and small, need the expertise that only special, cross-disciplinary teams can provide. At one time or another, every organization will encounter unique situations that require the help of special project teams, including the following:

  • Taking on a new special research project
  • Opening a new facility
  • Relocating an existing facility
  • Assimilating a new acquisition
  • Restructuring or reorganizing a division
  • Responding to an accurate problem or emergency
  • Rebuilding an organizational strategy
  • Overhauling an operational or sales process


Because these teams are often created on a temporary basis and have a finite task to achieve, bringing these special teams up to a level of high performance as quickly as possible is essential for efficiency and success. Achieving the desired level of performance can be challenging.  Special project teams must overcome a number of challenges:

  • Diverse personalities and interpersonal communication styles
  • Internal disagreements, conflicts, and infighting
  • Pressure from customers or stakeholders resulting in tension
  • Personal agendas and different priorities among team members
  • Tight deadlines and schedules for success
  • Ambiguous deliverables
  • Extremely complex problems

It is common for teams to struggle to get the traction and performance necessary to solve tough problems because of the intensity and importance of this work.

Custom Solutions for Special Project Teams
When CMOE creates a custom solution, our goal is to quickly develop an effective and affordable solution that builds a sustainable, high-performance culture within your special team. Our custom solutions are designed around four key phases that include specific and vital steps to ensure that the solution provided to your project team leads to positive long term results.

CMOE employs a talented team of experienced professionals who have the ability to help special-project teams develop direction, form plans of action, create ground rules, process and facilitate interpersonal dynamics, helping to guide a diverse team towards producing results and achieving high levels of performance in a short period of time. Our consultants and facilitators have both advanced degrees and “real world” expertise in subject matters such as logistics, sales, operations, engineering, finance, and international business.

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