Customized Leadership Workshops

An effective leader has the ability to get a group of diverse and talented people to work together towards a common goal. Although this sounds easy in principle, inspiring individuals to work collaboratively can be quite a challenge.  Generally speaking, great leaders—many of whom have strong personalities—find ways to affect others in a positive way; they use their strength to the benefit of others and have a lasting and determining influence on peoples’ performance.

In order to succeed as a talented leader, you need everyone on your team to contribute and perform their individual duties and responsibilities at very high levels of proficiency. Our Leadership Workshops focus on a number of key areas to help ensure leadership success. The Leadership Workshop series exposes participants to a number of skills they can use in and outside of the workplace:

  • Effectively communicate with and positively influence others
  • Challenge the status quo and get people out of their comfort zones
  • Build trusting and positive relationships with others
  • Influence growth and change in the organization
  • Improve their ability to make sound decisions
  • Learn ways to help others understand the organization’s big picture
  • Create a positive work environment through effective coaching and development techniquesLeadership Training

CMOE’s Leadership Workshop series provides individuals with the tools they need to confidently and effectively lead others. We personalize the Workshop to each organization’s specific needs and link our Leadership Workshop to other training initiatives and/or specific organizational goals and objectives. This practical, “hands-on” design helps individuals discover the universal leadership qualities and principles that will help them to become highly effective. Participants learn about critical leadership characteristics that contribute to personal and organizational success, as well as key tips that will help them to build more effective relationships with team members and peers.

The Leadership Workshop Series is an intense, active-learning experience that includes a number of methods to fully engage participants and keep them interested:

  • Interactive exercises and tasks
  • Short lectures and presentations
  • Models of effective leaders grounded in real experience and practical research
  • Applicable skills and action plans so that participants can easily transfer and implement their knowledge in the workplace
  • Opportunities to practice new skills
  • Surveys and tools for assessment

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus by a molder of consensus.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Courageous leaders inspire innovation and challenge others to take risks.”

“If you want to enhance your performance, you need to recognize that you have your own individual strategic stage to think about.”

~ Ahead Of The Curve: A Guide to Applied Strategic Thinking

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