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Some people seem to naturally have the personality, charisma and tools to become great leaders, but the reality is that most people don’t. Therefore, the need for Leadership Skill Training is a high priority in the business world. In order for leaders to take their teams and organization to the next level, there needs to be a focus by three different groups: the individual leader, the organization, and the training provider.

  1. The individual leader must obtain and apply the skills.
  2. The organization must provide the opportunity for the leader to acquire the skills.
  3. The training provider must develop and deliver the proper programs to meet the strategic needs of the organization.

CMOE has been committed to understanding and servicing our clients’ needs in leadership skill training for over 35 years. We have worked in many types of industries with a wide variety of clients. We offer a selection of programs that can address a broad spectrum of Leadership Skill Training needs. Some of these courses are as many as five days, while others are accomplished in one to three days. The length varies depending on the needs of the organization and how we can best tailor and customize a program to align with those needs.

Our Leadership Skill Training workshop “Transition to Leadership” has been a favorite of many clients and will produce a real business impact for your organization. We often find that it is very difficult for new leaders to make the jump from the individual contributor to a leader role. Effective leaders must learn to trust others and spend time developing people through guiding, assisting, and coaching. These can be tough lessons to learn, which can make the transition to leadership very challenging and sometimes impossible without the proper assistance. However, with the right leadership skill training, education, and tools, leaders learn to be effective at influencing others as they adapt to their new responsibilities. This workshop exposes new leaders to the challenges encountered when moving into a leadership position and the strategies to overcome those challenges.

leadership training

“High-performance team leaders perceive their work group as a team that is fueled by cooperation among its members.”

“Organization success comes through the courage and willingness of leaders to invest the time and energy to enable others to reach their potential and in turn help the organization achieve its vision.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

“In order to make a fire burn, you fan live coals. In order to keep your organization fired up, it’s imperative that you find and motivate the leaders or potential leaders in your organization regardless of how far down the line they might be.”

~ Dexter Yager

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