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Many leaders rely on their technical skills, functional knowledge, and energy to achieve results but haven’t yet mastered the core leadership skills that will help them realize their full potential. When leaders understand and combine fundamental leadership principles with their technical and functional capabilities, they become multifaceted catalysts for positive change. These are the leaders who can move an organization into the future.

Organizations that recognize the need to invest in the development of their leaders (both current and future) are better-positioned to achieve growth and success over the long term. For over 35 years, CMOE has provided Leadership Development Programs and learning solutions that help leaders at all levels of the organization learn how to influence, motivate, and inspire people to join with them in developing and transforming their organizations.

CMOE’s Leadership Development courses are built using a performance-based learning approach that is designed to:

  • Assess the participants’ leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Build on leaders’ current levels of performance.
  • Change behaviors.
  • Improve skills.
  • Transfer knowledge to improve performance on the job.
  • Create commitment for improving performance and business results.
  • Bridge the gap between the course’s content and the real world.

CMOE works closely with each client to build Leadership Development Programs that truly fit the organization’s needs. We accomplish this by selecting appropriate topics for inclusion and customizing the program using a broad range of proprietary leadership development content. From here, we narrow our focus, concentrating our efforts on the topics and capability areas that are of highest priority for each client. Depending on the specific needs and requirements of the client organization, we might consider including some of the following topics in a leadership-development learning event:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Qualities of Leadership
  • Leading Teams
  • Communication and Influence
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leading Change
  • Business Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict and Collaboration
  • Leading Innovation
  • Delegation and Accountability
  • Trust
  • Transition into Leadership

As opposed to the training programs offered by some professional-service providers, CMOE’s Leadership Development Programs are highly interactive and experiential in nature. We use learning models, assessments, simulations, tools, guides, and case studies to help the participants in our programs master the core principles and essential skills in each topic area. We want leaders to be able to leverage their natural skills and improve their abilities in critical areas so they can address their current organizational challenges with confidence, energy, commitment, and know-how.

Our Leadership Development Programs are built using a proven design approach and framework that will support participants’ growth as they engage in the following activities:

  • Explore ideas and learn best practices on today’s most important leadership topics.
  • Clarify the differences between management and leadership.
  • Identify personal leadership strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Develop sound leadership skills and abilities within specific competency areas and on specific topics.
  • Learn from the experience of their peers by working closely and networking with other leaders.
  • Transfer and sustain the skills learned in the program.

Our expert facilitators and consultants have a broad range of experience and are able to guide participants through the self-discovery process during the program; they also facilitate the development of specific application plans that will drive business results after the fact.

Our first priority is to provide a Leadership Development course that targets the issues and development areas that will have the greatest positive impact on leaders and the organization. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to Leadership Development. Instead, we use our existing content, ongoing research, and design capabilities to develop a course that is customized and tailored for each client and the audience for the program, whether they’re high-potential, new or emerging, first-line, mid-level, or senior-level leaders. CMOE utilizes proven training methods to deliver a learning experience that is customized, interactive, skill-based, business-oriented, and highly experiential. At the end of each course (or module in a series of courses), participants create action plans to support the immediate transfer and application of the skills and knowledge they’ve gained in the program. Many of CMOE’s clients have also chosen to incorporate our sustainability tools, strategies, and electronic resources into the programs we develop in order to maximize the investment they make in their training initiatives.

CMOE’s design team and consultants are able to create Leadership Development Programs that fit the needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking for a one-time learning event, a comprehensive leadership development curriculum that spans multiple days, virtual leadership solutions, or anything in between, CMOE can build a program that’s right for you.

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Delivery Options

In order to meet the specific needs of each client we partner with and make the most of the learning and development investment, CMOE offers programs in the following formats and lengths:

Instructor-led training (delivered onsite by a CMOE subject matter expert/facilitator)
Digital learning program (self-paced or live)
Blended and layered solution (combining instructor-led training and digital learning)
Train the trainer services (certifying internal trainers in CMOE's world-class programs)
Curriculum integration (deliver the topic in conjunction with another topic or event or build it into a development curriculum)
4-16 hours (8 hours preferred) for instructor-led variable for digital learning

Contact a CMOE Client Services Specialist to discuss a targeted solution that is right for your organization.