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The best operations management courses are customizable. They understand that each manufacturing business is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to operations management.

CMOE’s Operations Management course online ensures manufacturing organizations and teams of all sizes receive impactful, bottom-line solutions for your needs.

Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide instructor-led or digital solutions such as the following:

  • A standalone Operations Management learning experience
  • An Operations Management curriculum delivered in a series of learning experiences
  • Individual training modules for Operations Management competencies

What Is Operations Management?

Operations is a business management sector focusing on producing goods and services. The purpose of Operations Management is to consistently elevate production standards (from raw materials to products or services) and ensure results are produced efficiently and effectively.

Operations Management areas may include the following:

  • Manufacturing systems
  • Employee training
  • Facilities planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Product design
  • Quality control
  • Inventory management

What Is the Goal of an Operations Management Course?

The goal of an Operations Management course is to help leaders and team members:

  • Establish clear expectations. Especially in an industry where safety hazards are vital considerations, Operations Management courses help professionals establish a direct link between expected outcomes and specific tasks required to fulfill those expectations.
  • Build out a hands-on training program. These programs provide the experience necessary to practice the essential skills of being clear and specific in training employees on vital processes.
  • Optimize health and safety programs. As the number of fatal work injuries increases, building skills to effectively support and reinforce health and safety plan needs to be at the forefront. Operations professionals will learn how to coach and hold their people accountable to health and safety efforts and KPI’s.
  • Upskill team members. Thinking ahead is crucial to enhance workforce skills and extend career longevity. Targeted courses encourage individuals to take a more proactive and innovative approach to their roles.
  • Train current and future leaders. When 58% of leaders report that they have not received management training, developing operational leadership skills is critical. Training can reduce turnover and empower the workforce.
  • Manage operating costs. An Operations Management course provides the opportunity to examine how effective leadership can impact the current costs of operations and create a strategy to impact production costs through human capital without sacrificing quality and workplace safety.

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What Are the Qualities of Operational Leadership?

Our online courses aim to help professionals of all levels achieve four key qualities of effective operational leadership.

1. Problem-solving: Effective leaders remain calm during the unexpected and find solutions to problems under tight deadlines. Good operational leaders also take time to reflect and discuss with the team what went wrong and what they can do to improve.

2. Situational awareness: Great operational leaders display situational awareness. They understand production needs, hazards, and team strengths and are skilled at leveraging these areas to benefit the workforce and organization.

3. Product quality focus: A strong leader understands that output quality sets them apart from competitors. They invest their time in quality and inject the same perspective into their team members.

4. Innovative: An operational leader consistently seeks creative ways to improve and enhance processes to be more efficient. They also identify new ways to bolster adaptability among teams and departments to streamline new procedures.

Choose CMOE for Your Operations Management Course

CMOE brings the experience to support your team with implementing Operations Management courses. For further information, contact our team. We’ll discuss your goals and needs to create an impactful training plan.

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