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With federal government leaders overseeing society, and leading policy, rules and regulations, for the country, effective leadership training should not be an afterthought. CMOE’s Federal Government Leadership Training empowers government agencies, federal managers and executives to tackle current and future challenges with careful thought, strategy, and innovation.

Unique Challenges Government Leaders Face

Government leaders face a wide variety of unique and complex challenges. Three of the most compelling issues today are:

1. Financial and constitutional constraints: Due to stricter government budgets and regulatory roadblocks, constraints often require thinking outside of the box. Leaders are under pressure to deliver performance with maximum efficiency. This involves strategy and innovation—areas that are often challenging to accomplish during times of insufficient funding and frequent periods of change.

2. Change management: New rules and regulations delivered by the federal government necessitate excellent change management skills. Federal government leaders must not only be confident in leading change, but also be skilled at getting other team members on-board to support change. This requires helping team members understand the reasons and advantages of a change initiative.

3. Burnout: Over 56% of government workforce members express they are burned out from their jobs. This is higher than their counterparts in the private sector (47%). Leaders must find actionable methods to not only help themselves navigate burnout but also assist their team members with this challenge.

Actionable Solutions Delivered by CMOE

Efficient strategy or policy development: With the rapid shifts in government, federal government leaders must be equipped to better manage and/or support the tasks around strategy or policy development. This involves identifying unique needs, gathering information, consulting, and reviewing. Leaders will understand how to apply a strategic framework to explore scenarios, compare the relative worth of the available options and make appropriate decisions.

Improved change-management leadership skills: Federal government leaders can identify better and faster ways to address the underlying roadblocks that impact teams amid transitions. Solutions to these challenges include but are not limited to:

  • Helping team members build better habits to be more change adaptable.
  • Identifying change champions who can support and lead change around policies, processes, initiatives or procedures.
  • Establishing a roadmap that notes clear milestones and progresses toward objectives
  • Communicating a compelling vision, goals, and outcomes which motivates and inspires performance

professional employees in a glass meeting roomElevated team performance: Leaders must establish an environment where all team members are drivers of results, are receptive to feedback, and illustrate resilience during challenging and ambiguous times. High performing teams work diligently to understand their strengths and unique skill sets as well as identify opportunities for improvement to steadily increase team performance and culture.

Leveraging emotional intelligence to have courageous conversations: 43% of government workers express the lack of communication, support, and feedback as one of the main causes of burnout. Government exists to serve the people and effective government leaders must use emotional intelligence as they engage in open and honest conversations about real issues. These discussions are imperative to establishing trust and building relationships that mitigate burnout, encourage growth, and improve relationships and retention.

Develop Your Leaders with CMOE

Your current and prospective government leaders deserve world-class leadership development training. Consider using CMOE’s research-based leadership training solutions, and more than four decades of experiences developing leaders in the public sector. CMOE’s Federal Government Leadership Training supports leader growth and provides tools and resources to more effectively shape and direct current and future policies. Our programs can be customized to ensure they meet the needs and goals of your team. Talk with us to learn more.

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