Increase Profits Through Your Number One Resource: People


Every organization wants to improve its results, but the way this is measured varies from person to person. Depending on the objectives that your organization has identified, “better results” may be indicated by:

  • An increase in profits
  • An improvement in the quality or your products or services
  • Better track record for safety
  • An increase in customer satisfaction
  • An area that is unique to your organization

Yet the reality is that most organizations struggle to make the smallest improvements in the core areas that ultimately drive success. Why is it so difficult to see the results of our efforts? CMOE has been researching and studying these for nearly 40 years. Our experience has taught us that at the end of the day, the quality of your results is directly related to the quality of your people; your employees can make or break your ability to achieve an increase in profits and better results throughout the organization.

We have discovered the fastest, most productive way for organizations to improve both their immediate and long-term results is through their people. Organizations need a proven method that directly links individual contribution with the organization’s ability to stay competitive and profitable.

CMOE has developed that method, and we call it Bottom Line Leadership. The Bottom Line Leadership Process is designed to accelerate improvements in performance across the organization, from contributors on the front line to senior leadership. We believe that in order to see measurable results and sustain change for the better over the long term, every member of an organization must be equally accountable for the organization’s success. Bottom Line Leadership shows you how.

“Dreaming is wonderful, goal setting is crucial, but action is supreme. To make something great happen you must get busy and make it happen. Take that action step today that will put you on your path to achievement.” ~ Greg Werner

~ Greg Werner

“Champions know that success is inevitable; that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.” ~ Michael J. Gelb

~ Michael J. Gelb

“It’s all the little pieces, working together properly and constantly monitored, that make people and organizations effective.” ~ Walt Disney

~ Walt Disney

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