Coaching TrainingEven though management teams might have great business skills and knowledge of their companies inside and out, they can still benefit from good coaching and feedback.

Coaching management teams is an essential part in developing leaders and employees for the rapidly shifting marketplace. This topic can teach them to be flexible enough to use their existing skills in new situations, and gives them enough confidence to develop new skills and processes.

CMOE has over 35 years of experience that can help you develop better employees, managers, and leaders. We can develop training programs around your organization and tailor them to your specific objectives.

Each manager brings with them certain strengths and areas for improvement. After carefully analyzing the skills individuals already possess, CMOE instructional designers can focus its Coaching Management programs to enhance existing strengths and address areas in need of improvement.

Why do managers need coaching?
Coaching management builds strong interpersonal skills in those individuals who receive this type of support, helping to create greater collaboration, encourage the empowerment of other, and obtain greater performance results while being less controlling as a leader.

Coaching skillsCoaching management teams and providing proper feedback to a team is just as important as coaching any single member of an organization.

Leaders are often asked to create or begin projects or tasks that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable for them and their team.

The way a manager addresses these new opportunities often reflect the way a team will respond to change in general.

With the right skill set, individuals can confidently lead the rest of the organization to new levels of productivity and efficiency.

How can CMOE help you?
CMOE offers a number of workshops, learning events, and programs in standardized or customized formats:

  • Strategic Thinking – Good managers and employees don’t just react to a given situation but think ahead and anticipate different outcomes or situations. With Strategic Thinking participants will learn to think at a deeper level about situations and opportunities they encounter and adapt to them appropriately.
  • Coaching Skills – Coaching Skills instructs individuals how to coach others effectively, empowering them to create a stronger sense of responsibility and the desire to initiate action on their own.
  • Leadership Development – Participants involved in the Leadership Develop programs will look at their own leadership styles while exploring various examples of highly effective leaders, and learn how to apply those skills to real-world leadership situations.
  • New Manager Training – Provides a dynamic personal experience to help new or up and coming managers to recognize, understand, and develop critical skills.

How can coaching management help you?
CMOE’s workshops and coaching services are designed to develop leaders who need development in the following areas:

  • Resolve differences and team member resistance
  • Inspire organizational unity
  • Create solid, meaningful relationships inside or out of the business
  • Help others expand their willingness to be responsible and initiate action (empower others)
  • Increase productivity
  • Become more creative
  • Show confidence and accountability
  • Maintain commitment to the overall success of the organization

Managers who receive leadership training are more likely to develop high performance teams who make significant differences in the long -term success of an organization. CMOE has the experience and “know how” in coaching management to help you discover and develop strong organizational leadership skills.

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“The goal is to enhance growth and performance, promote individual responsibility, and encourage accountability. Coaching is not discipline, soft management, or manipulation.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

“There are many facets to leadership to learn and leadership is a collection of skills that can be learned.”

“The central focus of our coaching model is a partnership relationship built on support and trust. This produces a positive discussion between people that is aimed at improving and maintaining performance, growth, and personal satisfaction.”

~ The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge