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CMOE has worked with countless business leaders on improving the effectiveness of their teams, and we understand that nothing can slow the progress and success of a team quite like a poorly defined strategy.

If you’re skimping on your strategic planning and team briefing, it may be time to take a closer look at these vital elements of corporate success. What makes these steps so important?

Strategic Planning

Taking the time to create a thorough, thoughtful strategic plan is just as important as rolling the plan out and seeing it through to completion.

Making sure that your team leaders and team members are the ones developing your strategies is key because it ensures that the strategies are being developed by people who have an intimate understanding of your corporation.

It’s also important groundwork for your team to do.

Over the course of creating your strategy, team leaders and members will have put in the work to create a plan of action that they all believe in, and one that they understand inside and out.


Team Briefing

Having the best team in the world doesn’t mean a thing if there isn’t a well-defined strategy guiding them towards a unified purpose.

In each other's wayIt’s imperative that before your team members get to work, they have a comprehensive understanding of the goals of your group and how you plan to accomplish them.

When individual team members interpret the purpose behind the work they’re doing and their role in the team’s larger goals differently, they are likely to get in one another’s way, and the whole team will suffer as a result.

Working to communicate effectively from the very beginning and throughout the project is important to the team’s success in moving forward.


Could your strategic planning use some work?

CMOE has specialized tools and coaching programs that help guide your leaders and team members through the process of strategy planning, creation, and execution. You can learn more by visiting our strategy page or reading one of our professional publications.

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