What Characterizes an Empowering Manager

A key organization skill that many consider “soft” actually delivers hard results.  Managers who exhibit the characteristics of “transformational leadership” make the difference in creating and sustaining employee loyalty, innovation, commitment and productivity.

Coaching Skills and Behaviors

The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness conducted a research-based study of the relationship between transformational leadership characteristics and employee attitudes and perceptions.

To begin, we conducted a literature search of more than 250 sources. CMOE confirmed that successful companies had more employees who were innovative and productive and more employees who were loyal and committed. They also had more leaders who were able to “transform a group of individuals into a high-performance team.”

Although no valid instrument existed for identifying those people who exhibited transformational leadership behaviors, the literature suggested that leaders in their companies exhibited these transformational characteristics:

  • Sharing the vision
  • Building a learning environment
  • Being a positive role model
  • Recognizing individual abilities/values
  • Reinforcing self-confidence/independence
  • Supporting their employees
  • Driving out fear
  • Encouraging participation/self-expression
  • Fostering continuous improvement
  • Fostering initiative and responsibility
  • Encouraging persistence
  • Emphasizing intrinsic outcomes
  • Advocating shared leadership

From these results, CMOE has developed a number of assessments and tools to help gauge the levels of these leadership traits within your own organization.

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