Announcing the 2015 Top Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs

We’re excited to announce the results of CMOE’s annual Top Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs List, aka top 100 leadership blogs.

CMOE’s Leadership Blogs List identifies which blogs have been shared the most across the major social networks. The research consists of two parts: gathering a list of leadership blogs and crunching the social-shares data for each blog for the given year.

This year, we crunched data for over 200 leadership blogs that we’ve researched, discovered, and gathered over the years.

There’s one major change to this 2015’s list. Twitter announced, in October of 2015, that they were deprecating their tweet count feature. So, when we crunched the numbers in January tweet counts were no longer available. This does affect the rankings, as some of the blogs in the past had large counts of tweets of their blog posts.

Ready to see the list?

There isn’t a method of finding the best leadership blogs that is without error. We believe that looking at how much a leadership blog is shared socially is a fairly objective way of ranking the top leadership blogs on the web.

We understand that we may miss some outstanding blogs using this method and we acknowledge that there are most likely some highly socially-shared leadership blogs out there that we just aren’t aware of. If you know of one that you’d like considered in future lists, please contact us at [email protected]

Here’s a sample of the list:

See the full list and other interesting stats here:


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