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As businesses continue to adopt remote or hybrid working solutions, this notable labor shift has illuminated the value and need for organizations to provide more e-learning options related to workforce training and education—and the results of training and education are noteworthy: 72 percent of businesses that use e-learning gain a competitive advantage. It’s no wonder that

With the rise of new technologies and recent advancements in digital instructional-design capabilities, there are even more advantages to offering online training solutions:

  • Learners can progress through the training at their own pace, when and where it is most convenient for them.
  • Learners can build skills incrementally; they aren’t inundated with so many concepts and tools that they don’t know where to start or what to do with the learning.
  • E-learning is cost-effective for organizations.
  • Completing courses virtually reduces the time learners spend on training.
  • E-delivery ensures that training is consistent and meets standards throughout the organization.

While it may be easy to find digital or e-learning products on the market, it is important that you find the right solution—one that will drive maximum value for individual contributors, teams, leaders, and the organization as a whole.

Here is a list of our five most popular digital courses for your consideration. Use code SAVE15 to get 15% off your purchase (or contact CMOE for bulk-pricing options).

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Applied Strategic Thinking®

Find a balance between meeting today’s expectations and requirements and reaching for tomorrow’s possibilities by thinking and acting in a strategic way. Gain practical concepts, competencies, and resources to develop the skillset, mindset, and toolkit for strategic thinking and being on the cutting edge as the future unfolds.

Empathic Leadership

Identify and understand the thoughts, feelings, differences, and experiences of others and respond accordingly, while providing the leadership needed to drive results. Learn practical skills and actions empathic leaders use to maximize their effectiveness and create a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Essentials

Embrace the unique needs, perspectives, and potential of all team members, customers, and stakeholders to build an inclusive and equitable workplace culture and become an agent of change. This course is designed to help individuals perceive and navigate the big things and the little things that occur every day in every part of our lives.

Coaching TIPS2™

Build talent in your organization and engage team members, employees, and colleagues in productive dialogue about business results, job performance, and development opportunities. CMOE’s Coaching TIPS2™ Model is a practical process that gives leaders a roadmap to motivate, grow, and drive the performance of their teams, helping them to achieve sustainable bottom-line results for the organization.

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Supervisor Development Series (SDS)

Increase the capability of leaders on the front line in an efficient, cost-effective way. Packed with fundamental ideas, tips, and applications for creating a positive work environment, this self-paced digital series addresses eight critical leadership competencies:

  1. Role of the Supervisor
  2. Communication
  3. Building Trust
  4. Managing Differences
  5. Handling Pressure
  6. Teamwork
  7. Delegation & Accountability
  8. Recognition

These five topics are currently trending in our market, but CMOE’s digital library offers many additional on-demand learning courses that focus on leadership and workforce development. All of our digital courses include resource guides and interactive tools that promote engagement and ongoing application. Individuals, organizations, and large groups can purchase these courses directly through our online store. We also offer a Learning Portal Solution and support services that enable businesses to access these courses for their learners in an easy, fast, and scalable way.

Regardless of whether your team works in the office, remotely, or in a hybrid format, investing in e-learning solutions to strengthen and develop your own skills and the skills of your workforce provides many advantages to organizations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your people and your business. Reach out to a CMOE team member to learn more about our products and services.

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