The word relevance has become a common buzzword in modern business. According to, the word relevant means, “bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent.”

In a way, Madison points to the fact that professionals need continuous improvement in order to stay relevant in today’s marketplace.

Living in the information age provides plenty of opportunity to arm yourself with the “power which knowledge gives,” whether that power comes in the form of an eBook, a webinar, a podcast, on some other form.

You may even find the power you are looking for sitting on a bookshelf at your local library.

When you create a personal strategy, be sure to include a provision that allows you time to continue learning about the subjects that impact your life.

If you have developed a personal strategy without this provision, add it right away. If you mean to be your own governor, this one simple step should become a priority.

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Josh Nuttall
Josh’s role and experience at CMOE has been supporting the development of curriculum design for a wide variety of leadership topics and organizational issues and challenges.

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