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Today’s competitive business environment requires talented, multifaceted leaders at every level of the organization. Team leaders must be able to apply broad vision, introduce change, energize the business, and sustain a competitive advantage for the organization.

CMOE works with team leaders across the globe to help them master the skills they need to be successful in today’s competitive environment. Team leaders cannot rely solely on their functional know-how. They must also be able to motivate others, communicate effectively, find innovative solutions, inspire higher levels of performance, and engage the workforce.

Attributes of a Team Leader

There are many facets of leadership that need to be learned, and leadership expertise isn’t developed overnight; it requires training and practice. Many team leaders fail when they focus only on the technical work being performed and don’t master the ability to build the relationships required to lead a team.

Team leaders who are perceived as abrasive, aloof, arrogant, insensitive, or intimidating will struggle to achieve results through others. They must be able to build team unity and cohesiveness. This requires the ability to select the right team members for the work environment, delegate work appropriately, and communicate effectively.

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Importance of Company Alignment and Vision

CMOE teaches team leaders to achieve business results through alignment. Team leaders learn to operate from the point of view of the whole team’s success. We help team leaders move beyond their own personal agenda and fully support the larger vision of the organization. When all team leaders in an organization possess this skill, it eliminates silos because they can steer people in the same direction.

When team leaders are aligned, they develop team and organizational goals that are visible to and easily understood by all members of the organization. They regularly meet with team members to check on the quality of communication, information flow, and alignment towards goals. All programs are designed to get everyone moving in the same direction towards the team’s vision.

The team leader must be able to articulate a clear vision and mission for the team. They have a concise picture of what the team is striving to be in the future. They also know the team’s purpose and precisely what needs to be accomplished through the team’s activities, goals, and programs.

With this clarity, they are able to focus on and emphasize team efforts that really matter. They make sure that people are engaged in daily activities that will contribute to the overall success of the organization. They are able to clearly communicate expectations, collaborate with others, and foster commitment to the team and organization.

About CMOE

CMOE works with individuals to help them define who they are as leaders, what really matters, and the values that will guide the team. Together, team members can decide how to treat one another, how to interact with the customer, and how the team will communicate with other departments.

We also help team leaders develop the skills required to make performance corrections or clarify expectations when adjustments need to be made. Business environments change rapidly; leaders at all levels must be equipped to lead others through the change process.

Contact CMOE to learn more about how we can teach your team leaders to create goals, engage others in the organization’s long-term success, and achieve results that will last.

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