Tame the Beast
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Through empirical research, CMOE has found that one of the biggest challenges people face in trying to act strategically is being able to focus on the future and find innovative and creative ideas that add value to the business.

We are so caught up in the win-now, act-today mode of thinking that we get caught, distracted, derailed, or misguided by the 800-pound activity beast. The key to strategic success is to tame the beast once and for all.

Factoid #1:

The biggest challenge faced while becoming more strategic is being able to concentrate on the future and to find unique, breakthrough ideas that will help you add additional value to your position and your organization.

Factoid #2:

Finding the time, energy, discipline, and skill to break away from the routine activity trap is very difficult. If you can’t find some calm in your life, you will not find your strategic direction.

Factoid #3:

The general organizational climate often discourages people from thinking or acting strategically. We live in a world of meeting Wall Street expectations, posting strong quarterly profits, and being operationally effective now.

While these are important and necessary, it reinforces the paradigm of taking care of today’s needs at the expense of tomorrow. Determine where you are now and how you can carve out time to focus on strategic planning and initiatives that will improve things for tomorrow.

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