Corporate Battlefield

In 1849 Austria launched the first air raids in history by unmanned, bomb-filled balloons to attack Venice.

Since then, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones has ranged from providing target practice for the military, to police surveillance, wildland fire fighting, and the inspection of power and pipelines.

A battlefield, your business, is operating in an ever changing environment. That means leaders have to be able to think ahead, innovate, and lead change that will position the business for long term success.

Change is driven by many things, including technology, market fluctuations, consumer demands, and the economy. Consider how technology has driven change in the combat aircraft industry. The U2 Spy Plane was intended for ultra-high altitude missions, to fly higher, and out of the range of the enemy fighters.

Its mere existence didn’t eliminate the future needs for the SR 71, built later to fly faster than the enemy. Then came the B1 Bomber, built for long range speed, and the B2 Bomber with stealth capabilities to deflect radar and hit high value targets.

Strategic MoveFor organizations to successfully navigate constant change it takes leaders with insight, a clearly defined vision, long term goals, and the ability to execute on a plan to win against the competition.

What are you doing to stay proactive and at the forefront of the business game?

Many businesses have an overarching strategic plan.

Fewer organizations have thoroughly defined how leaders at all levels need to think, feel, and act as they set goals and provide direction for others on the team.

At CMOE, we’ve studied strategic thinking and leadership for a long time and we want to help you develop the unique qualities to become the strategic leader who contributes to your company’s long term success. Some of the strategic leadership qualities we focus on include:

Understanding How the Business Works – Strategic leaders have a broader mindset. They strive to be knowledgeable about the whole business operation beyond their own functional area and find ways to actively align with the company’s overall mission and strategy.

Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit – True entrepreneurial leaders are always optimistic about the possibilities that the future holds. They are motivated to turn ideas into action. Their relentless commitment drives them to work harder, smarter, and beyond the competition.

Being Fiercely Accountable for Results – Everyone encounters barriers, obstacles, and mistakes along the way to success. A sense of responsibility for long term success despite the roadblocks is one of the most powerful weapons a leader can possess.

Taking Ownership of the “White Space” – Every organization has an invisible space where activities and tasks that must happen, but aren’t clearly defined are likely to get lost, forgotten, or mismanaged because they don’t belong to anyone. Leaders act like owners and reach beyond their current roles, responsibilities, or structure.

Becoming a strategic leader requires thinking proactively, taking some risks, and anticipating future customer needs.

You must be able to add value, invest, introduce new services, and invent new products to continually please your customer.

With the right mindset, clear plans, and strategic direction, the outcomes can be remarkable.

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About the Author
Chris Stowell
Christopher Stowell is currently serving as CMOE’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he works with multi-national organization to develop their people. His special interests lie in coaching teamwork, strategy, e-learning, and assessment design, and delivery. Chris has a special talent in helping companies assess their organizational effectiveness and identifying key issues and opportunities in order to advance their performance and achieve long term results. Additionally, he has extensive experience in designing, coordinating, and facilitating customized adventure based experiential training events for high performance teams.

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