[NEW BOOK]: Candor—a Story About How to be Bold and Clear When it Really Matters

Candor arrival

CMOE is pleased to announce the release of its first work of fiction about coaching.

Candor: How to have courageous coaching conversations when it really matters is the story of a senior manager facing a difficult situation—a situation many leaders may be all too familiar with: a breakdown in communication with a subordinate. These communication challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and typically involve people with different goals, opinions, and interests, in varying kinds of work relationships; boss to subordinate, peer to peer, or even subordinate to boss.

In Candor you will follow the senior manager as he is led by a wise mentor on a learning journey of rich experience. Along the way, he learns an effective and easy-to-use framework for engaging in courageous conversations that can potentially turn an entire department around and have bottom-line results for the organization.

 From the Introduction:

This “courageous conversations” concept is not a gimmicky set of oversimplified steps to follow. Instead, it is a robust skillset that requires awareness, focus, discipline, and consistency in order to be effective. Just like learning to play a musical instrument, mastering a foreign language, or perfecting skills in a new sport, gaining the ability to engage in skillful, courageous coaching conversations takes a high level of commitment, resolution, and practice, practice, practice.

Research reveals that we fall into very predictable traps when discussing challenging issues or topics with others. These innate reactions are tied to the fight-or-flight response. Regardless of whom we are, these very predictable patterns emerge during important, complex, and sensitive conversations. Our goal in writing Candor is to help people understand what these patterns are and how to craft more productive conversations.

Walk with this senior manager on his journey and discover how developing the ability to engage in courageous conversations can improve your leadership skills and enhance your interpersonal relationships.

CMOE also offers a rigorous, skill-based Courageous Conversations workshop to help develop the participant’s interpersonal competence illustrated in Candor, based on tested methodology, and backed by ongoing research.

To order your copy of Candor or to learn more about CMOE’s Courageous Conversations workshop, contact CMOE and find out how developing this competency in your leaders can strengthen your learning and development program today.

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