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CMOE improves the working lives of participants by providing opportunities for each person to apply the skills they learn to real-life situations before, during, and after the learning event.

We know that changing participant behavior and driving business results must be incorporated into the planning process for all learning and development activities. CMOE offers a variety of customizable options for ensuring that the skills participants gain in your learning program will be sustained over time.

Post-Workshop Learning and Implementation

Post-workshop action-planning can be incorporated into any event, and all it requires is a meeting between the participants and their leaders. During this meeting, the leader and participant will review the key learning points from the event and discuss an action plan. This allows participants to transfer new concepts to their daily work. They can also be held accountable for using the new skills on the job and given ongoing feedback about their effectiveness.

CMOE facilitators can also conduct ongoing accountability and coaching calls with participants. These calls can be conducted as a group call with an Accountability Team or in a one-on-one coaching format. During the call, participants will report on how they have applied their new skills on the job. Participants focus on how they are moving forward, discuss any obstacles or problems they are facing, and seek additional guidance for overcoming the barriers they face.

life after class coaching leadership

You may also want to provide additional learning materials to participants. This allows them to revisit key concepts after the initial learning event. These supplementary materials help participants build on the concepts they learned and can be distributed in a variety of formats, such as videos, newsletters, and reading assignments. Videos are typically two to five minutes long and often include realistic scenarios that reinforce the appropriate use of the skills in the work environment.


Newsletters can be distributed internally within the organization to remind participants of the key concepts from the event. The series of newsletters—which can be sent over the course of three to twelve months—contain helpful tools, ideas, and tips that help participants apply their new knowledge on the job. CMOE also has a library of publications from books, business magazines, and trade journals that can be used as reading assignments for the participants.

Long-Term Learning

Pre- and post-workshop assessments of the participants’ skills and knowledge can be used to measure their skill development and help you determine where to focus future learning efforts. Assessments provide both a benchmark and ongoing insight into development needs. They also provide the participants with insights into areas that they may need to focus on in their personal action plans.

Sometimes “refresher” workshops (a shortened version of the complete program) are used to reinforce key principles and build on the skills learned through additional practice. Refresher courses can be delivered in person or through a variety of web-based or virtual-learning platforms. Virtual programs can be delivered live, or in a pre-recorded format, as an on-demand event. Pre-recorded programs allow the participants to manage their own time and pace the learning according to the demands of their schedules.

Providing a web-based portal of learning resources or tools also ensures that the participants have what they need in terms of job aides. These toolkits can be customized to contain tips and resources like case studies, learning content, or quizzes to measure the participants’ knowledge. These can be hosted by CMOE or integrated into existing Learning Management Systems or other internal technology platforms used in the organization.

Make your next learning event more effective by incorporating a variety of sustainability techniques before, during, and after the event. Contact CMOE to discuss how we can help you.

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