Is Your Learning & Development On Target?

Competitive advantage, it is something that all companies strive to achieve.

In times past, competitive advantage was static and sustainable when a company achieved a good strategy.

However, the world is different now and competitive advantage is a moving target.  

There are risks, uncertainties, and disruptions that have made competitive advantage transient.

A company desiring a competitive advantage these days must have a strategy that evolves based on changing trends and exploits opportunities much more quickly than ever before.  Competitive advantage is linked to how well your human capital adapts and learns within this changing environment.

This new strategic arena can put great pressure on learning and development within an organization to keep leaders and managers abreast of key skills and opportunities to drive innovation amongst the workforce.  Because of that, if you are in the L&D arena, you should be asking yourself:

“Does our learning & development strategy keep our organization competitive?”

“Do we have the right information to even make that determination?”

Even if you think you have all the right answers, turning to new strategic tools helps identify areas you may not have considered and keeps you staying sharp.

CMOE has created a strategic tool for learning and development managers that will assist you in identifying where you are strategically and help shape the future you are seeking.

Through the use of this strategic blueprint, L&D Managers will be able to look at areas in which they can identify critical initiatives, chart a strategic course, create accountability through implementing assessment measures, and identify and formulate a plan of action.

The blueprint is designed to be a working document, one that is fluid and can develop and evolve with the L&D department, keeping you aware of trends and needs within your stakeholders, creating an opening for you to identify opportunities, threats, and important trends, and innovatively transform your department to stay ahead, competitive, and provide the value added benefits your organization needs to rise to the top.

Taking advantage of this L&D Strategy Blueprint™ is easy, just download the tool today and start on your path to a competitive edge.  Let CMOE help you pave the way to future success.

Click the image below to download the tool.


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