leading-groups-to-solutions-book-coverThe International Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) is pleased to announce the release of the book Leading Groups to Solutions:  A Practical Guide for Facilitators and Team Members (ISBN 978-0-9898603-9-0).  Leading Groups to Solutions is a resource for not only leaders and managers but anyone who finds themselves working in a group. 

Developed as a guide to make teamwork more effective, CMOE continues to provide individuals and organizations of all sizes opportunities to be more effective and successful at meeting their goals.  Learning how to facilitate a collaborative process and build consensus and synergy while finding innovative solutions is the focus of this book and provides concrete concepts on how to move a group to results.

Published by CMOE Press, Leading Groups to Solutions:  A Practical Guide for Facilitators and Team Members is available at major on-line book sellers and at our online store and ties in with CMOE’s Leading Groups to Solutions Workshop and other leadership programs.  CMOE Workshops are based on their proprietary models, combined with a proven process that is backed by over thirty-five years’ experience in the industry of learning and development and includes such topics as Coaching, Strategy, Teamwork, Leadership, Executive Retreats, and Executive Coaching.

CMOE is a private company, founded in 1978, with its global headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah; and has offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Africa and South America.  CMOE’s vision was to build long-term partnerships in the workplace.  Since that time, CMOE has provided learning, consulting, and organizational-research services for thousands of leaders in a variety of industries for organizations worldwide, enabling their client to conquer life’s challenges, enhance their competitiveness, and improve the effectiveness of their operations.


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CMOE’s Design Team is comprised of individuals with diverse and complementary strengths, talents, education, and experience who have come together to bring a unique service to CMOE’s clients. Our team has a rich depth of knowledge, holding advanced degrees in areas such as business management, psychology, communication, human resource management, organizational development, and sociology.

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