Let’s face it. Being a leader is tough. There are some serious workplace problems on the rise that need to be addressed. Sometimes it’s easy just to ignore them. But that has and always will prove to be detrimental to your organization.

We challenge leaders at all levels of the organization to rise up and tackle these problems head on. First, we’ll look at the problems. Then we’ll offer some suggestions and solutions to overcome them in your organization.

Problem: Managers From Hell / Workplace Bullying

Sources: 2013 Gallup Poll, 2014 Workplace Bullying Institute Survey

Extreme Examples of Horrible Bosses and Workplace Bullying

We realize that there are varying degrees of crazy workplaces and bad bosses. The links below are some of the over-the-top examples. Even in the average crazy workplace and with the average bad boss you can see some of the signs of these over-the-top examples.



Some Suggestions on dealing with managers from hell and bullying

1. Have a Courageous Conversation.

2. Eliminate the negative politics in your organization.

3. Recognize and reward good performance.

4. Learn how to coach effectively. Improve your coaching skills.

Problem: Disengaged Employees / Workers Quitting

Sources: 2013 Gallup Poll, June 2014 BLS Survey

Solutions For Disengagement & Quitting Workers

1. Stop micromanaging.

2. Don’t overload your people with too many responsibilities.

3. Encourage innovation.

4. Provide tasks/work that is engaging and challenging and worth doing.

5. Provide ownership of the job.

6. Get good at running effective meetings, or not having them at all.

7. Give your team flexibility and make them accountable.

8. Have a vision worth going after and give your team everything they need to get there.

8. Be available and approachable.

Your Turn

What other suggestions or solutions do you have to solve these rising problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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