Leadership Interview with Vinny Poduval

skierMr. Vinny Poduval is a senior level executive for Schreiber Foods and has over 15 years of manufacturing experience within the dairy industry. He has worked in cross-functional team management and has put together and developed high-performance teams. Vinny has a proven track record of success within his field and as a leader.

What is the best leadership advice you’ve received?
I’ve had wonderful mentors through the years, but the CEO at my last organization talked about and lived humility. I always strive to be humble. No one is perfect and we don’t have all the answers. It is important to remember that.
Best leadership advice you feel you could give someone?
It would be similar, in that we need to be humble. But, especially for younger folks, it would be to take the initiative and have passion to learn and explore and not to blame others.

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Do you have a work/life balance tip or suggestion?
I strongly believe that you tend to make time for those things that you are passionate about. I have a busy job, but lots of people do. What I have found is that I make time for my job and my family, but there is less of me time. Maybe that will change when my kids get older.
Any other life, personal lessons, or sound advice you would offer to others?
Surround yourself with smart people and be inquisitive. Reflect upon what you learn and then do what you think is right.
How do you get people energized or committed to their work?
If you have the right people to begin with, then it is less about motivating them and more about making sure that you do not do something to demotivate them. What I do is try to take the time to paint a picture of the future and let them know how valuable they are in making that future come true.
perspectiveHow do you motivate people through a difficult time in business?
First you need to recognize that everyone has challenges and it is usually never as good or as bad as some people will think. It is about perspective. So, focus on what you can control and change. You usually come out better and stronger for it.
If you weren’t in your current role, what would really love to be doing?
I love what I do and I wouldn’t change anything. I imagine at some point I will have to retire and then maybe do something else. I like making a substantial difference in the organization.
What software, tool, or resources do you use to keep organized?
I am not organized at all. I use Outlook, willpower, and I have a wonderful administrative assistant.

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