Leadership Interview with Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone is a Research and Development leader at Schreiber Foods and has over 20 years of experience within the dairy industry. She has led development teams and worked closely with sales and marketing teams to bring innovation to a higher level.

exerciseWhat do you do to de-stress or unwind?
What is affective for me is exercise. I walk and think through things; it helps me focus. If I take a walk during my lunch break, I’m less tired and more able to focus and get better work done in the afternoon. Exercise definitely de-stresses me.
What is your biggest time saver?
I put all of my appointments on my Outlook calendar so that I am not scrambling around and my daily planning is more efficient and in one place. I feel as if I am organized and that it saves me time because I am not fumbling around.
What is the best leadership advice you’ve received?
Fairly early in my career, a good leader told me during a performance review to let go of problems in the workplace that you may take personally. Rather, work to build a positive relationship with people, even the ones you don’t like. Working toward a positive relationship makes a difference.
Family TimeDo you have a work/life balance tip or suggestion?
I truly try to keep work separate from home. I am not on the phone or emailing at home. I turn my electronic devices off or put them in another room when I am at home and I try not to do work. Home is my family time.
Any other life, personal lessons, or sound advice you would offer to others?
Truly care for others on a personal level, whether you are a leader or not. Care to get to know them. It helps generate trust, a positive attitude, and helps people get through more difficult times.
If you weren’t in your current role, what would really love to be doing?
I am currently in R&D, if I weren’t doing that, I would like a position that would allow me to grow with broader business knowledge and expand my horizons. I want to understand and learn other areas of the business to a deeper level.

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