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We are back again this month with some of the latest and greatest blog posts about leadership, team development, and employee motivation. Check them out and let us know which article you find to be the most valuable!

Lead Change Group

The Lead Change Group shared some eye-opening facts about employee appreciation. Frequent employee turnover can be very costly for a business, and many organizations assume that their people are leaving for better pay. Don’t make this mistake. The key to keeping your employees longer and motivating them to work harder is better recognition.

“39% of employees feel underappreciated at work, with 77% reporting that they would work harder if they felt better recognized. Eighty-nine percent of employers assume that their employees leave for more money elsewhere, but only 12% of employees actually earn more from their next company.”

The People Equation

How do you determine if your team has issues? If you assume that silence means all is well, you may be misinterpreting the mindset of your team members. Jennifer Miller from The People Equation writes about how team members only feel comfortable speaking their minds when the organization has developed an atmosphere of “psychological safety.” Answer her five questions to determine if your employees are speaking up—or if their hesitancy is causing disruption to your team dynamics.

“Google, a company for whom data analysis is a high art, was able to parse out the single most important determinant in their teams’ effectiveness: the ability to speak up without fear of retribution.”

Bob Morris

Bob Morris interviewed Stephanie S. Mead, MBA and Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D., co-authors of the book The Art of Strategic Leadership. This interview provides insight into who influences them, what inspires them, and advice they would like to give to other leaders. In addition, they share their thoughts on some prominent quotes about leadership and strategy.

“If people feel ownership for a strategy, they will be more engaged when it comes to implementing it. The people around you want to help shape the future. Participating in the strategic-planning process and executing on the strategic plan that they helped create is a very motivating experience. World-class leaders aren’t concerned about receiving the recognition for making smart moves. Instead, they are willing to share the limelight and rewards for creating a better future.” – Dr. Steven J. Stowell


Company-wide perks and benefits such as free lunch or unlimited vacation days are becoming more common, especially in new technology companies. While these perks can make work more enjoyable, they should not be relied on to motivate the workforce. Motivating employees requires personal recognition given in the way that is most valuable to the recipient.

“Some employees like being praised publicly, some might be mortified at the very thought. As a manager, it is your job to recognize that motivation works differently for different employees.

CMOE’s Top Blog Post

toxic work environment

How to Spot and Manage Toxic Team Members

With so much time spent at work, it is critical to have a friendly work environment and a team that get along well. A toxic team member is somebody who is hard to please and lowers the enthusiasm of the rest of the team. Learn how to identify and manage toxic team members with these tips.

“Teams that include a toxic team member are much more likely to experience conflict, poor communication, and reduced productivity.”

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