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We’re happy to announce our third Content Roundup Section. We’ve scoured the web to find the best blog posts about leadership, improving your life, and career advancement. Check it out and let us know some of your favorite posts from June.


  Successful-Blog Does your company have a leader developing in its ranks? Successful-Blog breaks down 4 useful tips to identify and motivate new leaders to emerge.

“No matter how leaders emerge under your guise, it is important that you give as many employees as possible the opportunity to work their way up the company ladder.

In doing so, you enable them to chart their courses for not only leadership opportunities within your company, but perhaps elsewhere.”


Art Petty

Art PettyFear can hold our ambitions captive. Art Petty explore the concept of fear and provides a way to break out of the fear captivity.

“Fear is the cancer in our minds that eats away at self-esteem. It takes our hopes and dreams and convinces us that we’re not worthy or capable or both.

Fear is the tactic of dictators and tyrants in the workplace. Lousy leaders, miserable managers and boss bullies use fear to manipulate others into following…and cowering.”



Alexandra Levit

Alexandra LevitYour business can be brought to a standstill by poor planning and these common business pitfalls. Alexandra Levit gives you a road map of some common pitfalls that befall businesses and how to avoid them.

“Business process visibility is not just a nice-to-have, it’s essential in order to improve business processes and overall operational efficiency. Here are eight unfortunate things that happen when visibility isn’t up to par.”



Lead Change Group 

Lead Change GroupThe only things constant in life are death, taxes, and change. We have a little bit of control over the third one. We get out of change what we want to get out of it. Read about how John Smith took a major change in his life and learned from the process.

“What does it means when someone makes an abrupt decision to almost completely change our professional direction without doing all that careful introspection and reflection stuff, without considering the options or alternatives, and with little thought to logistical realities or the possibilities for success?”


CMOE’s Top Blog Post

millenial on phone

Millennial To Boomer – Know The Gaps

Worried about managing a workforce that is getting younger? Mark Parkinson explains the three strategies that he used to connect with a workforce almost half his age.

“I am a 52-year-old baby boomer with all of the baggage associated with that generation. From day one, I knew I needed to shed my Woodstock-colored glasses to make this project a success.
Although we certainly had our challenges, our team repeatedly nailed our individual and team revenue goals, and we did it while having a blast together. We also had minimal internal conflict and very little “drama” of any kind.”

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