Leadership Roundup

The following list contains our leadership content roundup for the month of January. Check out some great posts from Brian Tracy, Leadership Freak, Say it Better, HR Bartender, Lolly Daskal and Conant Leadership.

Brian Tracy

As the new year begins, most people set aside some time to think of new goals and aspirations for the coming year. However, do you take enough time to reflect upon the last year? In the article, “How To Close Out Your Year And Turn Your Attention To 2017,” Tracy provides some strategies you can use to move forward with full purpose and energy.

“This process of facing the reality of this past year, paired with the excitement of all you have accomplished, will provide a true sense of closure for the past year. This process of self-reflection is critical to your ongoing success in the year to come.”

Leadership Freak

How can you show up to work ready to build culture? This article provides you with some tactics on how to really show up as a leader and offers tips to boost your impact and presence.

“Show up to learn. The pressure to have answers blocks connection. Show interest in people. Ask questions. Ask: What are you working on? What can I do to help you excel at your job? (I assume they know what success looks like.) Once in awhile, ask, ‘What are we doing that actually makes it more difficult to get work done?’ Drucker wrote, ‘Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.’”

Say it Better

In this article, Kare Anderson discusses how to become more credible, compelling, and memorable. The acronym A.I.R. is used to help you remember to be Actionable, Interesting, and Relevant. As a leader, it is important that people continue to listen to you the whole time you are talking. Read the article to learn how to compel and inspire others with your message.

“Crafting a memorable message will make you more quotable, will keep you at the top of people’s minds, and will ultimately inject your life with more opportunity and adventure.”

HR Bartender

The term “impression management” first appeared in 1959, and almost 40 years later, “personal branding” became a term. Are the two correlated? Read the article “The Impact of Impression Management on Personal Branding” to learn more.

The real connection between impression management and personal branding is self-awareness. We need to learn how to become self-aware and maintain a level of self-awareness, even when everything around us is changing.

Lolly Daskal

Your leadership abilities will either guide you to be a success or a failure. A lot of that comes down to the habits you have. This article talks about seven of the most destructive habits leaders have.

Bad Habit #3: “Confusing activity with productivity. It’s easy to fall into the trap of keeping busy without actually being productive. There is always so much to do, but the tasks you naturally reach for are not necessarily the ones that should be at the top of your list of priorities. Instead of plowing through a to-do list, ask yourself what you should be doing to attain the results you want to see—to move you closer to your goals.”

Conant Leadership

Douglas Conant relays a near-fatal car accident he was involved in 8 years ago. This experience gave him profound lessons on leadership. Along with learning that the best professionals were the kindest, he also learned that sometimes people simply need to hear from their leaders that they are right there next to them.

“Put simply, I came to believe that the best professionals were the kindest professionals. Many people think that influence or leadership presence is earned by being imposing or austere, or by seeming busy, unavailable, or unapproachable. In fact, many aspiring leaders worry that the vulnerability that accompanies kindness, or offers of help, will make them seem “weak.” But I observed the exact opposite. What I saw during my recovery was that I could easily gauge the expertise level of the staff by how confidently and generously they offered their help. That was a powerful lesson.”


CMOE has worked with many teams in various industries that have some great ideas, but when we probe deeper, we often discover that leaders struggle to make their execution plans a reality. This is a difficult challenge, and one that many leaders face—but if leaders work to develop key behaviors and leadership attributes, success is achievable.

“Drive – leaders with drive have the personal energy needed to move beyond the routine, day-to-day activities and make a difference through bold new ideas that will enhance the competitiveness of the team, the department, or the organization. They create early wins for the team and help others stay inspired.”

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