The vast majority of important challenges and difficult problems that organizations have to solve in order to achieve increased workplace productivity are not overcome with more technology, huge investments in equipment, or savvy business strategies.  What really makes a difference is the efforts of the people who work far away from the limelight.  In essence, the key to achieving better business results and increased productivity is having competent, well-intended, and well-instructed people work closely with a coach who can guide them through the maze of expectations, competencies, and requirements needed to elevate their performance and drive value for the business and its customers.  Improving the bottom line and business productivity requires courageous coaches and leaders who will give their people honest feedback on each individual’s measures of effectiveness.

In order to accomplish these goals, leaders need to have the ability to define simple, meaningful productivity measures for each associate or worker, create visual or graphic individual scorecards, and regularly facilitate powerful conversations about the results the scorecards show.

Good, Better, Best xsmallThe individual productivity scorecard immediately begins to speak to the performer.  This productivity scorecard will help highlight the reasons for noticeable improvements in productivity as well as the root causes of any productivity shortfalls.  The scorecard becomes the source of motivation.  It can challenge people to do more, be more creative, achieve their potential, and become more committed to the organization.  With the help of a productivity scorecard and a coach who is willing to discuss and explore productivity-enhancing ideas, people will get excited and engaged about the challenge of improving productivity.  It is all about measuring performance and coaching people around what matters most.

What will drive a better bottom line for the business and create value for your customers as well?  CMOE team members are willing to talk with you and offer a free one-hour consultation on how our-productivity improvement process works, how we can combine effective leadership, coaching, feedback, problem-solving, and goal-setting skills to drive eye-popping improvements in the productivity of your business.

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About the Author
Steven Stowell, Ph.D.
Dr. Steven J. Stowell is the Founder and President of the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness, Inc. CMOE was created in 1978 for the purpose of helping individuals and teams maximize their effectiveness and create strategic competitiveness. Steve’s special interests lie in helping leaders and organizations transform into high-performance cultures that are focused on long-term, sustained growth.

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