If you’ve done any coaching before, you know that no two coaching discussions are the same. Different coaching opportunities require different coaching styles. You may find yourself in situations that require a formal, in-depth coaching discussion, while at other times, a situation requires immediate, Express Coaching™. Express Coaching™ is a coaching conversation utilized when on-the-spot feedback is appropriate, and the timing will not allow for a more lengthy discussion. You don’t want to lose these valuable coaching opportunities that could yield significant or critical results.Blog - In Depth Coaching versus Express Coaching

Because Express Coaching™ is shorter in nature, the coaching topics are usually related to tactical issues, or very specific behaviors. As such, the Express Coaching™ dialogue can be more direct and to the point. I’ve seen examples of successful Express Coaching™ in action in a variety of situations, including a manager clarifying an important expectation with a virtual team member by phone, a pharma sales manager working with a representative in the field while running between two doctors’ offices, and a leader coaching another team member about an immediate safety issue. Situations like these are ideal scenarios for applying an Express approach to a critical coaching topic.

The challenge for the coach is to use Express Coaching™ to capitalize on as many on-the-spot coaching opportunities as possible, but not replace in-depth coaching opportunities that will allow them to build a relationship and engage in a full dialogue with coachees. You really do need both Express Coaching™ and In-Depth Coaching to help others meet their full potential, engage today’s diverse workforce, and build the next generation of talent.

Leaders must consider the variables influencing the situation and allow those variables to indicate whether Express Coaching™ or In-Depth Coaching should be used. The most common considerations include:

  • Time (limited to available)
  • Trust between the coach and coachee (high to low)
  • The coach’s degree of credibility with the coachee (high to low)
  • How engaged the coachee is (high to low)
  • How resistant the coachee is or could be (high to low)

We have developed a convenient and simple to use Express Coaching™ app that will guide you in evaluating a coaching opportunity so you will choose the right coaching approach using these five essential variables. The app provides specific and valuable guidance based on the combination of variables you include and will give you the confidence you need to take the right approach with your coaching responsibilities.

Achieving results through others is always a challenging task, but capitalizing on all types of coaching opportunities will put you on the right path.

Download your copy of the Express Coaching™ app to your smartphone.

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About the Author
Stephanie Mead
Ms. Mead has experience in operations management, leadership development curriculum design, organization development consulting, and international operations. Stephanie has developed complete leadership development curriculums for some of the world’s leading organizations. Her experience also includes creating specialized learning experiences and blended learning programs aimed at maximizing human and organization performance. Stephanie has also co-authored 4 books with other CMOE consultants.

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