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Teams are the backbone of many organizations and if a team isn’t strong, productive, and effective, it can have disastrous effects across the entire organization.

Teams are made up of individuals who may have the technical skills to fulfill their roles on the team, but may lack the unique mindset and approach required to enhance the team as a whole.

And these skills do not come naturally to everyone. That is why team development is so valuable to organizations and critical to the success of the team.

helping teams improveDeciding how to approach team development and what elements to include is not always easy and can be overwhelming.

Over the years, CMOE has had the opportunity to work with teams from a variety of organizations and help them take their effectiveness to the next level.

The following example illustrates how CMOE helped a struggling team transform into a strong, effective team.

In January 2013, CMOE began working with the senior leadership team of a global manufacturing company.

They were very aware that they needed help, but didn’t know how to go about nailing down—let alone fixing—what was wrong. During the first meeting with CMOE, each member of the team completed our 93-question teamwork survey.

This survey is the result of years of research and experience gained from working with teams around the world. It was developed by CMOE to diagnosis a team’s effectiveness and looks at a team’s direction, leadership, team member behavior, and the team’s alignment with the organization as a whole.

The survey results revealed 35 areas where the team was struggling. This result was very concerning and only confirmed that this team was highly dysfunctional. CMOE and the team rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

For three years, we partnered together and worked closely to tailor and implement a team development program specific to the team’s needs and areas of concern. Our goal? To improve effectiveness and increase the cohesiveness of the team.

On the three-year anniversary, this same team completed the survey again. This time the results were significantly different.

As of 2016, the team has only 5 areas in which they are striving to improve. While we had already seen improvement in the overall effectiveness of the team and the impact that had on the company, we were thrilled to have our observations confirmed with such dramatic survey results. If you ask the CEO what made the difference, he will tell you,

“CMOE was the best find of my career! I’m so glad to have them on my team.”

This is just one success story that CMOE has had the privilege to be part of in our 35+ years working with teams of all sizes and degrees of dysfunction. If your team is struggling—in a few areas or several—CMOE can partner with you to help your team reach its full potential.

CMOE understands that each group has its own unique needs and interests. This is why we approach each team differently and tailor our programs accordingly, knowing that the insights, learning lessons, and outcomes of each group will vary.

We use an experience-based approach to help a team accomplish its goals. Each team will participate in “hands-on” tasks and exercises that will help to ensure success and improvement in effective teamwork.

The level of teamwork will be a direct result of the efforts of team members that apply the skills they learn. This is not just teamwork in the ordinary sense, but teamwork that is stronger, more committed, more productive, and more personal.

Contact us today to learn more about our teamwork services and how CMOE can help you and your team.

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