I have always seemed to have a problem with setting goals for myself. Whenever I think about goal-setting I think I need to set a huge and extravagant goal for myself rather than setting a more-reasonable, smaller goal. I guess I think that if I am going to bother to set a goal at all, I need to make it worth my time.  However, I’ve discovered that this type of mindset makes me feel defeated before I even get started.  This, in turn, leads me to think that I will not be able to achieve these huge goals and gives me one more reason to be disappointed in myself.  I tend to forget that small accomplishments also count.  I’ve come to realize that regardless of whether a goal is a smaller, more-incremental type, or a larger, more-daunting one, they are all worth my time!  Goal setting can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it, and every goal set and attained is worthwhile.

Motivation and goal settingI recently went on vacation, and just before I left I grabbed a book that I have been reading on and off for a few months. As I grabbed it, I said to myself, “I am going to finish this book while I’m on vacation.” I read a little of it on the plane, and a little more when I had some  time in the hotel room, but when it came time to head home, I still had not finished it. But I read it on the plane home, and to my surprise I finished it.  Goal accomplished!  Even though it was a small goal, I accomplished it and it encouraged me to set another goal.

Through this experience, I found that it helped me to actually verbalize my goal if only to myself.  I put it “out there,” if you will, making the goal more concrete which helped me attain my goal.  Next, I may tackle the mess on my desk—now that’s daunting!

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Deb is a Director of Administration for CMOE. Deb has many years’ experience working with a variety of leadership and development topics and understanding workplace challenges and solutions.

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