John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

One thing businesses—large and small—know for certain is that the world is constantly changing. What that means is that a business can’t stay ahead of the competition without responding to and planning for change.

In other words: they have to plan strategically.


We, at CMOE, know that the idea of strategic planning can sometimes feel intimidating.

To plan for the future, you need to look closely at your team, establish top priorities, and determine how you can increase your value to your internal and external customers.

That’s a lot to think about. Luckily, CMOE has a solution—and it’s free.

We’ve developed a powerful new tool you can use to stay ahead of your competitors and prepare for the future: The Strategy Kit for Teams, CMOE’s operational planning and strategy toolkit.

The Strategy Kit for Teams simplifies the process of planning strategically by helping you to better anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

By using this tool to focus on the future, your organization can experience measurable results. Here are a few examples of what you can achieve using the Kit to create a strategic plan:

  • Create a specific plan of action that moves you towards your long-term direction. Clear plans empower people to move forward, take action, and achieve greater results.
  • Communicate critical information to your team so they know how to make timely, high- quality decisions and focus their energy, skills, and talent when and where it is needed most.
  • Align the goals of your team and individual contributors with the overarching business strategy and plan. Individuals are more engaged when they know that the work they do every day is meaningful and truly has an impact on the business’ overall success.
  • Drive both immediate and long-term business results. By prioritizing and focusing on long term success, you won’t fall into old habits or a stale routines and miss opportunities to innovate and create value for your customers.
  • Involve your entire team and all employees in creating the future. Planning isn’t a job that is isolated to the CEO and Senior Executives; iIt’s a process where every employee is encouraged to share their perspective, providing feedback and input to help drive future accomplishments.
  • Create a culture of accountability where each person understands how their individual goals and responsibilities impact and drive the overall results of the company.

For over 35 years, CMOE has helped dozens of leaders, teams, and individual contributors achieve significant results by providing resources that help them create plans to shape the future, successfully positioning themselves, their team, and the organization to win.

It’s the best way to look forward, think ahead, and plan to stay in front of the competition. We are excited to continue that tradition by offering this powerful tool that will help you prepare for the future, take action, and achieve greater results in 2016.

Download your complimentary copy of The Strategy Kit for Teams today!

Strategy Kit For Teams

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