Cutting Edge Training and Facilitation Skills: An Introduction

Training and developing others is an important aspect and function of the most successful and competitive organizations.  This series of blogs is designed to provide you with some fundamental information about training and developing others to increase individual and organizational success.

As S.I. Hayakawa says, “Good teachers never teach anything.  What they do is create conditions under which learning takes place.”  Through these series of blogs, readers will learn to bring learning to life with improved facilitation skills and a better understanding of adult learning.  The series will consist of the following topics:

Training trainers to providing effective leadership development training is important for organizations. Do you train your trainers? 1. Identifying and Handling Resistance

2. Increasing Participation

3. Colors to Enhance Training

4. The Eight Intelligences

5. Stage Presence and Visual Aids

6. Fidget Toys

7. Concluding a Workshop or Training Event

8. The Adult Learner

As you read, we encourage you to use this site as a forum for further discussion and to share personal insights and experience.  If you would like to request a blog to be focused on a specific topic around training and developing others, please contact us.   If you are a trainer within your organization, or would like to become one, please contact us for more information about our Train the Trainer Workshop and creating training programs.

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