Trainers and facilitators often use color to enhance the corporate training experience.  Whether it be PowerPoint slide backgrounds, markers for flipcharts, or bright colored handouts, different colors can elicit different responses in people.  Here’s a look at what colors can do! Trainers, consultants, and facilitators can enchance workshop delivery by using colors in corporate leadership training and executive coaching programs.

  • Blue: Relaxes people and sparks creativity. Use blue when brainstorming, but avoid it for writing or posting warnings or cautions.
  • Red: Stimulates people (increases blood pressure, pulse, and respiration). Use red for cautions, warning and exclamatory tiles. When writing or printing in red, make word big because red is hard for people to see.
  • Green: Both excites and pacifies people, so use it with caution. Great is great for borders and accents.
  • Purple: Creates a sense of power and confidence. Unlike red, purple reduces blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates.

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