CMOE’s Coaching TIPS2™ Workshop: A Five-Star Recipe for Your Managers

CMOE-Coaching-TIPS-Workshop-A-Five-Star-Recipe-for-Your-ManagersMy wife and I love cooking and baking, and we are always hunting for new recipes to try out. Our main source for recipes has become the Internet for one simple but powerful reason—the reviews.

A review written by someone that has tried the recipe we are interested in is the best way for us to gauge the quality of a recipe.

If a recipe has received hundreds of reviews and a large percentage of those are five stars, we are much more likely to try it ourselves.

Consumer reviews for leader training workshops work the same way. If a learning and development professional is looking for a training workshop on Coaching, it is likely that they will take a closer look at a program that has received multiple glowing reviews from people that have experienced the workshop first-hand.

CMOE’s Coaching TIPS2™ Workshop is no different. The following is a review from a participant who experienced a CMOE Coaching workshop:

This was the best training event I’ve ever attended in the 12+ years I’ve been with this organization. This is a real-world, hands-on training that is critically relevant and immediately applicable in our daily jobs. This training is essential for all levels of management and is an excellent first step in making ‘coaching’ a company-wide priority.

—James M.

Not convinced? I have another one:

I believe that CMOE’s Coaching Workshop is successful because it is based on research, is developed around adult-learning theory, and contains these components:

  • A Coaching model
  • An assessment instrument to identify the individual’s baseline of coaching skills
  • Guided practice
  • The ability to build on our performance management system
  • Customizable content with our examples
  • Coaching behaviors defined
  • An action plan to ensure behavior change

How do I know that there has been a behavior change in the attendees? I’ve seen supervisors who previously wouldn’t address difficult issues with employees address these issues, develop a plan for change, and obtain buy-in from their employees. They did this by using the skills and tools from CMOE’s workshop.

I feel confident that CMOE’s Coaching Workshop is the very best available.

—Richard W.

These are just two of the many testimonials we have received from participants over the past 35 years, and we have many more like them. It is safe to say that every one of them carries the same message: CMOE’s Coaching TIPS2™ Workshop is a five-star coaching program.

To learn more about Coaching TIPS2™, click here to request contact from a CMOE representative today.

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