Regardless of the industry you work in, innovation is an important part of a company’s growth and influences its ability to compete in the marketplace.

Innovation bolsters excitement about your business within your workforce and among your clientele, creates additional value for your customers, and improves the bottom line of the organization.

The most important thing you can do to encourage innovation within your company is to create a workplace environment that supports it. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

1. Encourage Creativity and Risk Taking

Team innovatingThe value of the creative process is often overlooked in the workplace because it doesn’t generally provide tangible value immediately.

But providing the time and resources needed for brainstorming and idea sharing is important for stimulating dynamic thinking.

In addition, removing penalties for missteps or failure will encourage your employees to take smart risks and motivate them to speak out and come up with unique solutions to everyday problems.

2. Banish the Routine

You don’t need to abandon daily patterns entirely, but giving your employees some flexibility during the day can help to break up the monotony that often accompanies routine work.

Introducing spontaneity and new activities that promote brainstorming and creativity can be particularly effective in getting your employees’ creative juices flowing.

Whenever possible, provide a stimulating office environment that encourages employees to talk to each other.

3. Check Your Ego at the Door

One common barrier to innovation is a fear of rejection.

Fostering an environment of encouragement and energy related to new ideas frees employees to think more creatively.

All ideas are at least worth hearing, and punishing people for having bad ideas will discourage them from contributing to the dialogue in the future.

Take notes during group discussions, and find the time to really think through the group’s suggestions at a later time.


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