CMOE Releases Its Latest Book on Strategy: Strategy is Everyone’s Job


Strategy-Is-Everyones-Job-Book-in-WarehouseCMOE, The International Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness, is pleased to announce the release of its ninth book.  Strategy is Everyone’s Job (ISBN # 0972462767) authored by Dr. Steven J. Stowell and Stephanie Mead, is now available.

Strategy is Everyone’s Job provides a unique approach that focuses on leaders working in the middle and upper levels who need to create strategic direction for their part of the organization and construct a value-producing link to the enterprise.

This new perspective incorporates and integrates many dimensions of business strategy while creating strategy in the middle. Every manager in a business is running a small enterprise—and in some cases, they are pretty large operations.

Strategy is Everyone’s Job moves away from the notion that a business should only have one overarching strategy and illustrates how developing strategies for each Business-Within-the-Business™ creates a mosaic that not only supports the grand strategy of the business, but comes together to create a strategy masterpiece.

When it is well-orchestrated, strategy can truly be a thing of beauty. All kinds of exciting things happen when each function operates like a miniature enterprise; most notable is the effect all of this has on the engagement scores, motivation, and commitment of employees.

Empowering leaders within the business to think and act in this way takes some courage. But if the people at the top are willing to relinquish some control, departmental and functional leaders can ultimately create an organization that is nearly impossible for rivals to duplicate.

About the Authors:

Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. is the Founder and President of CMOE. CMOE specializes in management, leadership, and organization development products and services. He specializes in facilitating and training senior leadership and executive leadership teams to help them develop the skills required to transform organizations into high-performance, team-oriented entities.  He assists leaders to define their strategic direction(s), and improve relationships among teams that face serious challenges and issues.

Stephanie S. Mead, MBA is the Senior Vice President of CMOE and has spent her career in operations management, leadership development, curriculum design, and organization effectiveness consulting. During her tenure at CMOE,

Stephanie has built an extensive portfolio including leadership development and training programs for some of the world’s leading organizations. Stephanie and Steve have co-designed other leadership development workshops on topics including Applied Strategic Thinking, Coaching Skills, Strategic Leadership, Virtual Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation and Change, Conflict and Collaboration, and Communication Skills.

CMOE is a private company, founded in 1978, with its global headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.   CMOE provides learning, consulting, and organizational-research services for thousands of leaders in a variety of industries for organizations worldwide, enabling their client to conquer life’s challenges, enhance their competitiveness, and improve the effectiveness of their operations.




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