I won’t say that Business Intelligence Success Factors is an easy read, but it is certainly worth your time to work through it.   Olivia Parr Rud pulls together several business theories and concepts into a comprehensive study of the elements that make a business successful.

She divided the book into four parts, exploring the current business landscape, essential competencies, new models for business intelligence, and the potential of Holacracy (Holacracy takes the principles, ideas, and emerging mindset articulated by many cutting-edge thought leaders and instills them in the actual structures and processes of the organization) and the role of the visionary in modern business.  She gives a wide-ranging overview of each idea, explaining each concept in clear terms using examples, stories, and graphs.

In the first part of the book, Parr Rud examines today’s business realities using the latest research on change and the global economy to provide evidence for her claims. Her explanations of chaos theory, quantum physics, systems theory, and systems thinking concepts were easy to understand and interesting especially to people who never have had any experience with these theories.

In the section that dealt with essential competencies, she shows her readers why organizations need to have good communication, active collaboration, constant creativity, and adaptability to change, as well as what it takes to be a strong leader.

Business Intelligence and StrategyFinally, Parr Rud delves more deeply into systems thinking, holacracy, and possibilities in the future business world in parts three and four.  She makes a strong argument for the idea that for an organization to prosper, leaders must create a culture of accountability. She suggests that in too many companies today, accountability is vague because systems created for reasonable employee responsibilities and organizational objectives have not been established.  She stresses that accountability underlies the integrity of a successful organization.

This book is not one you will read in a weekend, nor is it something you’ll skim over once and never pick up again.  This is a powerful resource and I guarantee you will pick it up again and again to understand current business practices and theories in the 21st century and beyond

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