A Leader Becomes A Leader: Inspirational Stories Of Leadership For A New Generation

This book definitely belongs in any office. It is a great resource for inspiration as well as a review on the elements of leadership. The only problem with this book is the dimension and size. It is such a rich resource that I would have preferred it in a shelf friendly size rather than for a table. However, it has found a place in my office.

This book has three major parts. The first two parts are so different from each other and complete, there is enough information for there to have been two books. However, together the parts offer the reader a more rounded and better understanding of the leadership virtues Mr. Sheehan chose to explore.

The first part of the book focuses on 64 virtues of leadership. The author has divided the virtues into segments of three. In each segment, the author gives a brief overview and three personalities of each of the virtues. This is followed by a brief article about a leader the author has chosen to represent that particular virtue. Did you get all that? He follows each segment with an in-depth definition of the three virtues.

The second part is a collection of photographs and quotes that define the characters of the presented leaders. Some leaders chosen may be a surprise, but they are leaders worth remembering and worth noting.

The third part is a very brief summary of what it means to be a leader. It is a nice conclusion to the book. Many leadership books end with a type of lecture about leadership. The author did not incorporate this type of ending – and it is refreshing.

The book is an easy read, artfully compiled, and spotlights lesser known figures as well as the most loved leaders of the twentieth century. The author chose leaders from many fields; musicians, activists, presidents, and ball players. I was especially impressed that he also included the unknown student at Tiananmen Square, Ruby Bridges, and Georgia O’Keefe. If you have forgotten who these people are and their importance, this book would be your best resource. The book is well worth buying, not only to get a complete understanding of what it means to be a leader, but to remember those leaders and the virtues they demonstrated.

A well done book that is better than most others. If you’re looking for a gift, something for the office foyer, or want to read more about virtues of great leaders, this is for you.

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