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badge of 13 best performance management systemsPerformance management aligns team members and resources while flagging potential issues. With an effective performance management system, leaders can proactively adjust and help workforce members achieve target objectives.

But the unfortunate reality for many organizations is that performance management can sometimes be slow and inefficient. McKinsey cites poor metrics, poor targets, and a lack of transparency as common issues.

Investing in a performance management system can help overcome these challenges. CMOE has assembled 13 of the best performance management systems you should consider as you evaluate solutions for your business. Use this as a quick reference guide as you investigate potential systems to elevate performance and leverage your human capital.

1. Trakstar

Trakstar is a reporting, goal-setting, and reminder software. Over 3,000 companies use Trakstar to eliminate manual performance-related processes with innovative software.

The product includes performance management tools, helping team members align goals, map out processes, and ensure they meet quality standards. Notable features on Trakstar’s performance management platform are:

  • Performance reviews
  • Engagement surveys
  • 360-degree review feedback
  • Detailed performance reporting and insights

2. Bambee

Designed specifically for small businesses, Bambee supports many critical HR issues.

Pairing automation technology with dedicated Bambee HR Managers, this software tool streamlines HR functions and, more importantly, ensures team members have the means to succeed. Coaching, feedback, and training resources in the Bambee software help fulfill that goal.

3. PerformYard

The PerformYard software enables professionals to create a customized performance management process. With reviews, goals, and data in one place, PerformYard offers a holistic performance toolkit.

Examples of software elements you can adjust to fit your needs include the following:

  • Performance reviews and check-ins
  • Goal management
  • Continuous feedback
  • Reporting and analytics

4. BambooHR

BambooHR is an HR software offering various workplace solutions, one of which focuses on workforce experience and performance.

The software offers feedback and sentiment tools where team members can develop an honest, two-way communication loop. The BambooHR platform also helps leaders manage team members’ goals and performance assessments. The objective is to identify development opportunities and offer ongoing support.

5. Synergita

Synergita is an AI-powered, results-focused solution allowing check-ins, feedback, and promotion management. This company developed employee performance software to align people, strategy, and results.

Synergita offers “16 building blocks,” providing multiple touchpoints in the staff experience. These touchpoints ensure leaders check in at the correct times, which improves productivity and fosters an innovative culture that drives successful outcomes.

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6. Leapsome

Used by various big players like Spotify, Unity, and Workato, the Leapsome software assists leaders with these processes:

  • Developing a feedback cycle
  • Initiating productive compensation conversations
  • Creating a personalized learning and development plan

These areas help establish best-practice procedures and disperse the proper tools so team members can be more impactful and reach their full potential.

woman looking at graph on projection screen with coworkers

7. 15Five

15Five developed its performance management platform to drive “real business results.” The tool uses a modern approach to performance reviews that managers and employees can appreciate. The 15Five review system offers the following qualities:

Holistic: Provides an intuitive platform highlighting top talents and areas for improvement
Flexible: Allows you to integrate the 15Five software with internal HR strategies and company culture
Insights-driven: Evaluates specific roles, departments, and demographics to help improve decision-making

8. WorkTango

WorkTango’s Goals & Feedback platform helps leaders initiate meaningful development conversations with support from goals and OKRs.This process aligns team members and develops an individualized goal structure.

WorkTango has helped businesses achieve the following:

  • 49% reduction in turnover
  • A 46-point increase in eNPS
  • 68% increase in member service scores

9. Conversations from Workhuman

The Conversations software from Workhuman offers a comprehensive platform with performance development solutions. The platform intends to foster a culture rooted in connection and growth.

This performance solution allows business professionals to drive structured feedback and assessments. Users working remotely have noted that the platform has helped them maintain and elevate their performance management process when not in a physical office.

10. Lattice

A people success platform driving performance, engagement, and analytics, Lattice works with individuals and management teams across the globe. Lattice’s performance management platform offers the following features:

  • Reviews
  • 1:1s
  • Feedback
  • Praise
  • Updates

The platform can be customized depending on users, including managers, HR, or team members. It may also be a natural fit for matrixed organizations.

11. AccessTEAM

AccessTEAM is a cloud-based platform that helps leaders assess, analyze, and elevate team performance. The tool offers goal-setting, feedback, and team engagement features.

The company provides customer reviews where their clients note AccessTEAM’s ease of use and robust customer support team.

12. ClearCompany

Inspiring businesses to reimagine goal-setting and performance management processes, ClearCompany brings automation, flexibility, goal planning, and continuous feedback to team members.

The platform strives to create a people-first approach. Instead of focusing on the formal review process, ClearCompany aims to rework the narrative to center on continual workforce growth and potential.

13. Core-Strategy

Helping businesses efficiently track goals, OKRs, and KPIs, Core-Strategy allows leaders and teams to establish clear metrics.

The ultimate goal is to align objectives with strategic initiatives. Core-Strategy’s platform offers specific features allowing users to do the following:

  • Define: Establish mission, vision, and core values
  • Plan: Identify key performance indicators, goals, and risk identification metrics
  • Execute: Define and execute initiatives/projects
  • Monitor: Follow milestones and KPIs
  • Evaluate: Evaluate analytics, roadmap, and risk management
  • Integrate: Connect internal apps to the Core-Strategy platform

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