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We’re happy to announce our inaugural Content Roundup Section. We’ve scoured the web to find the best blog posts about leadership, improving your life, and career advancement. Check it out and let us know some of your favorite posts from April.

MeliorateWant to know the difference between good stretch targets and bad ones? Meliorate lays out a plan to help motivate employees and tie their ambitions into the organizations.

Employees who don’t understand the roles they play in company success are more likely to become disengaged. No matter what level employee’s are at, they should be able to articulate exactly how their efforts feed into the broader company strategy.”

Brian Tracy – Thinking of creating a new habit? Maybe exercising each day or, reading a book every month. Brian Tracy gives you 7 steps to help speed up the process of developing those habits.

Over the years, a simple, powerful, proven methodology has been determined for new habit development. It is very much like a recipe for preparing a dish in the kitchen. You can use it to develop any habit that you desire. Over time, you will find it easier and easier to develop the habits that you want to incorporate into your personality.”

SmartBlog – You matter. Yes, you do. That’s the message from SmartBlog and it’s not just focused on your customers. The words “You matter” are important to your employees too.

During my executive tenure, I made mistakes I’ll remember for a long time.As an example, there were times I was know to “look through people: when I was processing information or solving a business problem. Not exactly the kind of stuff that puts you in the leadership hall of fame. While I truly cared about my team (and still do), my actions didn’t always express it. So let me ask you, are your actions expressing you care?”

HR BartenderIs there a gap between your recruiters and your trainers? Sharlyn Lauby talks about how the communication gap between recruiters and trainers needs to be fixed.

Organizations continue to be challenged with finding and keeping the best talent. While one aspect to solving this challenge is looking at company culture, another piece is making sure that the company’s effort to hire and development talent ar aligned with the business. Recruiting and training specialists need to learn about each other’s roles and collaborate to deliver and develop – the best talent”

Michael HyattDo you have a vision of what you want out of life? Being an architecture isn’t just about building skyscrapers. You can be a life architecture too. Michael Hyatt details the process of how you can be your own life architect.

What matters is our determination to follow through with our vision. ‘An architect must hold strong convictions in order to create,’ says Rybczynski. That goes for life architects too.”


CMOE’s Top Blog Post For April


5 Essential Items For Team BuildingSeventy-five percent of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as very important. We came up with a list of 5 essential items to help cultivate teamwork in your company.
Succeeding in business depends on having a good team to support you. There are several factors that go into making a strong team. We Compiled research from different industry experts to help us visualize the importance of team building and what you can do about it.”

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