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Every day, more than two-million blog posts are written and uploaded to the internet.

Not only does this make it difficult to find the type of quality content you’re searching for, it also means that companies and blogs have to go above and beyond in order to stay relevant. When it comes to looking for reputable content on subjects like management and leadership, finding blogs that can provide you with informative, practical information is imperative—and difficult.

Thankfully, we’ve already done much of the legwork for you, scouring the web to bring you a few of the best, must-read leadership blogs posted in June 2017. In these blogs, you’ll find everything from lessons learned by historic leaders, to tips on improving the virtual-leadership infrastructure, to ways you can boost performance among company leaders—and much more.

George Washington Shows Us How Leaders are Readers

On June 14, Michael Hyatt, author of the best-selling book Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want, wrote this interesting blog post about the lessons we can learn from one of our nation’s founding fathers, George Washington. Hyatt highlights the rather comical fact that, during his time as president, Washington checked out two books from the New York Library and never returned them. Today, Washington’s late fee would likely top $300,000!

Hyatt’s point wasn’t to cast Washington as a book thief, however. Instead, he uses this story to illustrate the serious appreciation that Washington had for books and life-long learning. Hyatt lists five lessons exemplified by Washington’s reading and how these lessons can help today’s leaders gain strength, knowledge, and wisdom.

Three Stumbles from Defeat

Dan Rockwell is the author of the well-known blog Leadership Freak and has a notable talent for empowering leaders in quick, witty, 300-word-long blog posts.

And while his website covers everything from trending leadership news to unique tips on how to improve your leadership infrastructure, one of Rockwell’s most recent posts has caught the attention of many.

In Three Stumbles from Defeat, Rockwell talks about the challenges of transitioning into a leadership position and the setbacks that every leader will inevitably experience. Though he does provide leaders with tips for bouncing back after setbacks, Rockwell’s true focus in this article is the three leading reasons for defeat—and the signs of impending failure leaders can look for ahead of time. This well-rounded post gives leaders the tools they need to understand how to avoid common leadership missteps and gives advice for staying on track to leadership success and a recommendation for maintaining strong leadership within an organization.

How to Make People Passionate About Their Work

For renowned author and internationally recognized leadership consultant John Baldoni, sharing experiences, lessons, and advice on leadership is life.

Along with writing several best-selling leadership books, speaking to leaders across the globe, and coaching businesses and organizations on how to improve their leadership infrastructure, Baldoni also manages his own website, johnbaldoniblog.com.

A blog he posted in early June touched on one of the most challenging, frustrating questions leaders face each day: how to make people passionate about their work. In this blog, Baldoni not only explains why it is so critical to keep employees passionate about their work, he also provides detailed tips on how leaders can use existing resources to adjust mindsets and boost enthusiasm and spirit in the workplace.

Why Heroic Leadership Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Lolly Daskal is one of the most ambitious and sought-after coaches for executive-leadership development in the world.

As the founder and CEO of Lead From Within, Daskal has dedicated herself to helping leaders enhance their performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies. Her blog is constantly being updated with exclusive, relevant, clever content that can directly impact the effectiveness of today’s leaders.

In one of her most recent posts, Why Heroic Leadership Is Needed Now More Than Ever, Daskal highlights a trend that deeply concerns many people in the leadership industry: The climate of leadership in today’s era is rife with distrust and skepticism. Rather than exploring the reasons behind this cynicism, Daskal uses this disturbing trend to fuel her argument that today’s companies, organizations, and businesses now need outstanding, brave leadership more than ever. She also includes several profound tips on how leaders can improve their unique brand of heroic leadership.

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