Team Cohesion

Why is Team Cohesion Important?

Establishing a firm sense of team cohesion in the workplace is absolutely vital to the success of any operation.

Whether you’re currently nurturing a small startup or running a large-scale corporation, these proven tips and best practices will help you create team cohesion in the workplace and reap a wealth of invaluable advantages as a result.

Before we dive into our top three tips on uniting your employees for the greater good of the company, let’s explore the qualities and benefits of building a cohesive team.

Team Cohesion in the Workplace

When a group of talented people is successfully united and inspired to achieve a set of common goals, anything is possible. By incorporating three powerful practices into your leadership style, you can reap the following rewards:

  • A team of inspired individuals capable of communicating and working together effectively to achieve company-wide objectives
  • Much more free time to run your business without having to micromanage employees to ensure that they stay team- and task-focused while they’re at work
  • A constructive environment and positive atmosphere where every team member feels valued and important to the success of the company
  • An effective and organized business structure that will help you obtain faster progress and better results to boost your bottom line and grow your organization
  • An improvement in your own leadership skills and management style that will carry over and positively affect future opportunities and other aspects of your life

Are you ready to learn how you can obtain these invaluable benefits? Here are three strategies for strengthening teams and team cohesion in the workplace.

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1) Encourage Transparency

There is no better way to accomplish flawless team cohesion than by leading your crew with complete transparency.

Take the time to enlighten every member (as a group or individually) on the company’s goals, overall vision, procedures, and policies. Set very clear objectives for the team as a whole and break down those objectives into individual and department-wide goals.

It is crucial that every member of your team has a crystal-clear understanding not only of the company’s goals but of the specifics of their own role and how they are expected to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Leading your team with complete transparency will provide everyone with a clear understanding of what they’re working toward and how they can support the greater good of the organization.

2) Create a “Goal Pyramid”

If you really want to create an efficient system for achieving goals and making viable progress in a timely manner, do what ancient architects did: create an unshakable structure with at least three levels:

  1. Company goals
  2. Team goals
  3. Individual goals

Create a goal pyramid with your ultimate vision at the very top, followed by team goals, and ending with individual tasks and objectives. This is a fantastic way to provide transparency and keep your employees from getting sidetracked with attitudes and projects that may divert from the predetermined road to success.

Setting clear objectives on multiple levels is a phenomenal way to measure success, unite your team, keep your operation’s big-picture goals at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and map out a way for every team member to contribute to the larger vision of the organization.

3) Initiate Team-Building

In order to truly achieve team cohesion in the workplace, you need a team that works well together. By resolving conflicts, brainstorming new solutions, and providing a supportive and encouraging environment, you can establish team cohesion and improve the overall performance of individual employees and the group.

One of the greatest ways to do this is to initiate team development through team-building activities. By providing ample opportunities for your employees to interact with and get to know one another, they’ll learn to trust and care for one another, which will support their ability to do great work together.

Team-building exercises can range from something as simple as using an icebreaker activity to open a team meeting to running obstacle courses and scavenger hunts to a taking a company outing to the local bowling alley. The way you choose to bring your people together is up to you and will depend on the interests and demographics of your team.

Achieve Team Cohesion Today

Use these expert tips and best practices to lay a foundation of team cohesion that you can use to build an efficient and successful company. Check out CMOE for more ways to improve your leadership skills and accomplish your business goals.

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