Leadership Team Alignment Journey


There are many types of work groups and teams in organizations. Few however function at peak levels and unfortunately, not all work groups exhibit teamwork. CMOE understands that effective teamwork can be challenging to achieve and has developed a comprehensive portfolio of Teamwork and Team Development solutions. These programs and tools are designed to assist teams and leaders in overcoming common team challenges and unlock formulas for success. Topics and areas of focus include improving communication, tapping into creativity, maximizing resources, overcoming resistance, dealing with change in a positive way, and increasing alignment. Teams whose members are truly engaged, committed to a clear purpose, and have a deep sense of responsibility are an unbeatable force. The portfolio of services described below are designed to assist intact teams, cross-functional teams, or mixed groups of individual seeking to be a high-performance team.

High-Performance Teamwork

Most organizations get results and accomplish important tasks, projects, and strategies using teams and work groups. However, many teams do not function at peak levels, even though they have the potential to do so. We understand that effective teamwork can be challenging to attain. CMOE’s High-Performance Teamwork workshop gives teams or team leaders the skills and tools they need to address...

Leading Groups to Solutions: Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders

Leaders and team members are regularly called on to lead groups to solutions, direct the efforts of others, or harness the collective energy of the teams they lead. Facilitating groups effectively requires insight and the development of a unique set of skills—but despite the importance of these abilities, many managers and team leaders may not have had the opportunity to...

Orienteering: A Team-Development Simulation

Orienteering is an engaging and powerful team-development simulation designed to create an immediate impact on how teams work together by assessing their strengths and areas of vulnerability using a creative, experiential approach. This hands-on business simulation takes teams (intact, cross-functional, special-project teams, and others) into the outdoors and replicates the common challenges that teams face on a daily basis. Orienteering...

Outdoor Teambuilding

Team development and growth has a price: There will be some discomfort. CMOE’s outdoor teambuilding programs deliver opportunities for teams to experience this discomfort in a safe learning environment, which will help them learn, grow, and develop as a team. Past participants have called these experiences “challenges that stretch our limits.” No matter what you call it, the bottom line...

Leadership Team Alignment Journey

The Leadership Alignment Journey is a program that guides intact teams and organizations through a transformation process designed to overcome specific challenges and create dynamic business results. Through each phase of this proven approach, CMOE helps a leadership team identify and solve business issues, examine and improve team dynamics, and address the development needs of leaders. During this highly-customized journey,...

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