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The Art of Strategic Leadership

The Art of Strategic Leadership shows leaders at all levels what it takes to be a strategically focused leader and […]

Candor: How to have courageous coaching conversations when it really matters

Why is it that we—as bright, articulate, and caring human beings—have such difficulty holding effective conversations regarding importan...

Win-Win Partnerships

Lasting success requires that we partner with the key players in our personal and professional lives. Win-Win Partnerships is a […]

Tell Me How I’m Doing: A fable about giving feedback

Tell Me How I’m Doing offers the information you need to take charge of your relationships, both in the office […]

Coaching TIPS²™

An organization’s ability to successfully grow and compete over the long term hinges on leaders having the ability to coach […]

Leading Groups to Solutions

Anyone who is a leader or member of a group and wants to get things accomplished knows that there are […]

The Team Approach

The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything Is Possible Never in the history of human experience has there been a greater […]

The Coach: Creating Partnerships for A Competitive Edge

The Coach is the first research based book written on the topic of Coaching. It explores the coaching process in […]

Ahead Of The Curve: A Guide To Applied Strategic Thinking

People are discovering they are drowning in a sea of tactical activitiesand short-term operational demands. They find themselves left behind...

Strategy is Everyone’s Job

Every individual inside the organization is linked to the success of the business and plays a part in the firm […]

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