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The Art of Strategic Leadership

The Art of Strategic Leadership shows leaders at all levels what it takes to be a strategically focused leader and how to acquire the habits...

Candor: How to have courageous coaching conversations when it really matters

Why is it that we—as bright, articulate, and caring human beings—have such difficulty holding effective conversations regarding importan...

Win-Win Partnerships

Lasting success requires that we partner with the key players in our personal and professional lives. Win-Win Partnerships is a practical gu...

Tell Me How I’m Doing: A fable about giving feedback

Tell Me How I’m Doing offers the information you need to take charge of your relationships, both in the office and in all other areas of y...

Coaching TIPS²™

An organization’s ability to successfully grow and compete over the long term hinges on leaders having the ability to coach others for imp...

Leading Groups to Solutions

Anyone who is a leader or member of a group and wants to get things accomplished knows that there are many issues and challenges that groups...

The Team Approach

The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything Is Possible Never in the history of human experience has there been a greater need for people work...

The Coach: Creating Partnerships for A Competitive Edge

The Coach is the first research based book written on the topic of Coaching. It explores the coaching process in depth and discusses the ski...

Ahead Of The Curve: A Guide To Applied Strategic Thinking

People are discovering they are drowning in a sea of tactical activitiesand short-term operational demands. They find themselves left behind...

Strategy is Everyone’s Job

Every individual inside the organization is linked to the success of the business and plays a part in the firm s strategy mosaic. Everyone i...

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