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CMOE’s teamwork book, “The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible,” authored by two of our co-founders Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Stephanie S Mead, MBA, makes the case that team success is everyone’s responsibility. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone chooses to either help the team pull together or pull apart with their actions and words. Team members who choose to be enrolled and actively involved in the pursuit of a clear purpose with a deep sense of responsibility will generate an unbeatable force.  With the right team anything is possible.

The authors of the Team Approach contend that there are stunning parallels between the forces of teamwork that are observable in nature and what we see in modern organizations.  Mother Nature and history are both powerful teachers as they have combined over and over again to demonstrate that teamwork is ageless and timeless.  The authors illustrate and elaborate on the key building blocks of teamwork in virtually any setting through their Diamond Model of Teamwork. This remarkably clear and easy to understand model will help anyone form and develop a team that is capable of unbelievable achievements. The elements that make up the Diamond Model of Teamwork are universal.  So it doesn’t really matter if you are serving on an R & D project, government agency, sales team, manufacturing group, school staff, or a group of sports referees huddling and debating a call.  The principles and skills described in the Team Approach can help any kind of team make the leap to the next level.

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CMOE’s teamwork book, “Teamwork: We Have Met the Enemy and They are Us,” authored by our two co-founders Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D. and Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D., allows you to explore the inner workings of how groups become teams and teaches you how to manage the dynamics of group and team interactions. Our book clarifies the very subtle and often-subliminal concept of teamwork by studying groups from a unique perspective—while they work to meet team challenges. Teambuilding is not magic. There is no secret recipe for success.  The concepts underlying successful team formation and teamwork can be demystified and put into practice by every member of your organization.

CMOE’s teamwork books present and discuss various teamwork concepts, using real-life experiences to illustrate and personalize the principles we present.  The following is a partial list of topics that we explore in these texts:

  • Why push for teamwork?
  • Why new teams struggle
  • Resistance to change
  • In search of team member alignment
  • Shared leadership – who’s the leader?
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Cross-team integration
  • Teamwork structure

After decades of observing teams in action, we believe teamwork doesn’t just happen.  In these teamwork books, you will discover how groups develop a strong sense of community and cohesion, and when and how their commitment to working as a team kicks in.


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“Defining the team’s structure is a key element in creating the environment necessary for the whole team to flourish.”

~ Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

“It takes courage and a vested interest in those being served to truly maximize your team’s value to the organization.”

~ The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible

“Defining the team’s structure is a key element in creating the environment necessary for the whole team to flourish.”

~ The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible

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